Book Order error in Order Management – Order is not eligible for booking.

Order is not eligible for booking. Check workflow status for this order.



When Trying to book the Order we are getting the below error.

In the above screenshot we can check the Error by this Navigation

Order Management Responsibility > Order Organizer > Query Order (Not opening the Order Number)> Action > Book Order

While checking the RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL table where the order information is not found.

On Searching I just came to some references that to change the Deferred that is to run Workflow Background Process however this did not work.




On Further Research I came across this document and this worked for me

OEXOEORD – Order not Eligible for Booking Workflow Error ORA-20001 (Doc ID 268714.1)

Where option 2 Worked for me that is

2) Using Workflow Administrator Responsibilty > Find Notifications, enter notification ID > Click on the underlined WF error > Click Retry

Below are the screenshots




After Submission the Order will be completed.


Now as there are many Orders that are in deferred state so I have to Run retry process in BULK so below is the code

/* Formatted on 9/27/2016 10:11:17 AM (QP5 v5.185.11230.41888) */
CURSOR c_err_itemkey
SELECT ias.item_type,
ias.activity_result_code result,
FROM wf_item_activity_statuses ias, wf_process_activities pa
WHERE     ias.item_type = ‘OEOH’
AND ias.process_activity = pa.instance_id

FOR x IN c_err_itemkey
apps.wf_engine.handleerror (‘OEOH’,
x.process_name || ‘:’ || x.instance_label,
After Running this try to run Workflow Background process and then after some time run AutoInvoiceImport Program.



Payroll Retry Process

When we run the payroll for the month and then after we can to realize that there is some problem with one employee and we have to only stop for that employee and not for others then we can go to PAYROLL RETRY. Usually what we were doing was we will rollback the complete process and rerun it. Instead of this rollback we can just retry and go on further.

So once the Payroll has been run then now we want to exclude that person we have go to below navigation


Global HRMS Manager → View → Lists → Assignment Process Results

payroll retry process - oracle apps

So in this you have to click on the checkbox and save it and then you can cross check this in Assignment Element Entries as the elements will not be processed.

Now do the Modifications as you need and then once you have done the changes now you can run the Concurrent Program : Retry Payroll Run.

Note: We have to rollback the prepayment else it will not allow us to Retry.

oracle.apps.fnd.common.PoolException: Exception creating new Poolable object.

Sometimes you may get a Error as

oracle.apps.fnd.common.PoolException: Exception creating new Poolable object.

If you know that there is no Issue in server side and the problem is in your JDeveloper and you have done some trial and error method. I suggest you to change the hostname to IP in the DBC file and sometimes this Issue will get solved.

Mobile Photography Tips

1. How to Get More Stable Shots

You know the ups and downs of you mobile camera. I use Lenovo k4 note which has a good camera and night mode is good.

The key for me here is then NOT to use the “software” shutter button but instead use the physical volume buttons which act as your shutter, eliminating camera shake and giving you sharper images. I am ofter surprised by the number of people who are unaware of this feature. The added bonus is that if you use your headphones that came with the phone, you can also use the buttons on that as a cable release and not have to touch the camera at all.

One more thing, hold down the shutter button and you get 10 fps burst mode so you don’t miss the action.

2. Keep Your Lens Clean

A simple but important point: As we tend to keep our phone in our jeans pockets or handbags, give your lens a quick wipe before you shoot. It is a lint and dust magnet in there!

3. Download a Better Camera App

It’s true that the built in camera app has been improved over time, and is great for your average user, but us photographers who require a little more control over the settings should turn to the App Store.

There are numerous 3rd party apps that you can download to give you all the control you would want.  


4. Post-Process Your Images

The reality is, like it or not, that you’ll need to process your images to get the best possible final photo.

5. Never Ever Use the Digital Zoom

If you want the best possible image from your phone, forget about using Digital Zoom. The solution is simple: just zoom with your feet. The knock on effect of doing this is that it really improves your compositional skills.

In case of Optical zoom phones like Zenfone zoom you can go for Zoom.

AP Invoice Line Approval Workflow in oracle apps

AP Invoice Line Approval Workflow

For AP Invoice Line Approval first we have make sure that the below points are met.

1. Check the approval workflow is enabled.

2. Make sure the Transaction Type: Payables Invoice Approval item class of header and line shoulb be of same level.


3. Check the Packages that it is the functionality is not disabled



Step 1: Create a Attribute Depending on your functionality. Here the transaction ID is same as your Invoice ID

Here make sure the Item Class is selected as line level. This will fetch the number of records matches with the lines for the Invoice.


Step 2: Create Condition Accordingly


3. Define Approver Groups

4.Apply rule according to the requirement


Now create the Invoice and Initiate Line level approval

Note: This will be applicable for matched Invoices.

Now we will invoke the approval for the invoices.

Below is my Invoice


So this Invoice has 4 lines and the approval has to gone to such a way that it should go the the approvers defined in the line level.

Now On Invoking the workflow by placing in the lines and then go to Actions and then tick Initiate Approval and then click ok.

Now you can directly check the line approval history by Reports(in menu) –> View Approval History for line level Approval.

FRM:- 92095: Oracle Jinitiator version too low.


Just add the environment variable in windows.


VARIABLE VALUE:     -Djava.vendor=”Sun Microsystems Inc.”

No Approver found in GL Workflow

Sometimes there will be Issue like Jounal approver is not found or the workflow fails like No Approver found so as given by oracle in Doc ID 415875.1.

This usually happens due to incorrect or incomplete setup (please review Note 161382.1).

In this example, the workflow failed originally because the journal preparer’s supervisor did not have an employee name assigned to the user.
Depending on the case, the corrected data must be entered in the steps below:

  1. Select the ‘Workflow Administrator’ responsibility.
    Note that the Workflow Administrator Role must be assigned to the User or Responsibility that is doing this. See Note 371792.1: Basic Setup To View Workflows and Notifications Owned by other Users: Workflow Administrator.
  2. Open the ‘Status Monitor‘ screen (Administrator Workflow > Status Monitor)
  3. Query the workflow in the current context. To know the parameter values to use, please review Note 166367.1 How to Find the Workflow Details in General Ledger Journal Approval.
  4. Select the workflow with error from the list and open the ‘Activity History‘.
  5. Select the failed activity and click the ‘Update Attributes‘ button.
  6. Update the missing attributes of the failed activity, for example:
    – preparer id = employee id from the fnd_user table (-1 shows that an assignment was missing)
    – Approver Name = Preparer’s supervisor’s name (i.e.Person Name to be Attached for the supervisor User)
    – Approver Display Name = Preparer’s supervisor’s name (i.e.Person Name to be Attached for the supervisor User)
  7. Select the errored out activity and click on the ‘Rewind‘ button.
    Clicking on rewind button opens a page listing all the completed activities of this workflow and gives you a choice to select the activity from where the workflow should be rewound.
  8. Select the first activity of the workflow as the point from where it is to be rewound.
    A confirmation was received that the workflow was rewound .
  9. Requery the workflow to see the latest status.
    The notification must have been sent to the approver.


Journal IN PROCESS Issue

We had a Issue that the journal approval went to the approver and then we got the Error stating that No Approver found. After that we have cancelled the workflow and checked the Journal. Journal Approval was in Process and we were not able to modify the Journal. After that raising the SR we go the solution

Please use the follow script to be able to approve again the journal. Please note you should have the setup corrected at the time
you try to approve again the journal.

1. Backup the gl_je_batches
create table gl_je_batch_bak as select * from gl_je_batches

2. update gl_je_batches
set approval_status_code = ‘R’
where je_batch_id = 958912
and approval_status_code = ‘I’
and status = ‘U’;

Normally, in such cases you need to correct the setup to avoid the error ‘No approver found‘ and then try to restart the workflow of the journal batch by following the solution in Document 415875.1.
Then you can reassign or resubmit it for approval.
Also please review GLXJEENT Journal Approval Workflow is Stuck with Batch Approval Status “In Process” Can not Delete, Modify or Approve it ( Doc ID 161382.1 )

Bouncing Apache server in Oracle Apps for OAF

In R12.2.x Version of Oracle Apps we have a different method to Bounce server.

The First step is sourcing

Login to your server and run the Environment file in the server and in my case it is in the below path

/oraapps/PREPROD/EBSapps.env run

Once Sourced now go to AD_TOP and generate the jar files here this command adcgnjar will generate jar files.

cd $AD_TOP
cd bin

You may need to give the apps password for generating the jar files in the server.

Once the jar files are generated then stop and start the server. You may need the weblogic server password to stop and start. stop oacore_server1 start oacore_server1

In R12.1.x Version

This is very easy no need to follow the porcedures like creating jar files in the server just restart the apache services

cd $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME stop start

Happy Bouncing