Debugging a Package using pragma autonomous Procedure

We may put insert statement in Procedure to Debug. But in workflow or in any other commit sensitivewe can’t use the direct Insert and so we can use the below Procedure.

As Pragma will be independent of the session and hence debugging in Workflow procedure will be Easy.



Userful document for R12.2 series – Technical Consultant

I feel that this document(Doc ID 1577661.1) will be useful for people who are going for 12.2 series especially the developers.

OAF Error You have insufficient privileges for the current operation. Please contact your System Administrator.

I had this problem when I was trying to run a page with a field. But the Jdeveloper was throwing the below error without any other description about the Error. This I was facing with the latest Jdeveloper for oracle apps R12.2.7 version. I checked I was not able to find OADiagnostics as it has mentioned that it will not be in new versions.Doc ID 1313526.1, Doc ID 2296566.1

I was searching and when trying something it worked out.  That was Initially the startup of Embedded OC4J server was in Local host short name that is the URL was taking as host name. Once I have changed to IP I was able to get the actual error. The error was custom application was not created.


Window layout – vertical plus horizontal containers

Actually I was starting to use i3 window manager then I just want to bring the horizontal window to vertical one as shown below. I have search and then I got the info from i3 FAQ.

|   |   |   |
| A | B | C |
|   |   |   |
|      | B |
|  A   |---|
|      | C |

The exact keys you would use depend on your configuration. I’ll use this config file:… for reference and list the corresponding i3 commands. The modifier key $mod is most likely Alt or the Windows key on your computer.

  1. If the window B is not focused, focus it via either $mod+Left or $mod+Right (command focus left or focus right).
  2. Split the window in the vertical direction: $mod+v (command split v). There may be little or no visible difference (perhaps the bottom edge becomes visibly active).
  3. Move focus right, to the window C, using $mod+Right (command focus right).
  4. Move the window C to the left, using $mod+Shift+Left (move left). It should now be in the same column as the window B.



Dynamically enabling and disabling Concurrent Program Parameters

Oracle Apps Notes

Suppose a concurrent program has three parameters – ParamA, ParamB and ParamC. If the value for ParamA is ‘ENABLE_B’, then ParamB should be enabled and if the value fo ParamA is ‘ENABLE_C’, then ParamC should be enabled. Assume that the values for the second and third parameters are fetched from a table.

The first approach that might come immediatly to mind is to setup the three parameters ParamA, ParamB and ParamC in the manner and link them up using $FLEX$:
ParamA has value set VS1 attached to it. VS1 is of type Independent and has the values ‘ENABLE_B’ and ‘ENABLE_C’.
ParamB has value set VS2 attached to it. VS2 is of type Table and in the Where/Order By clause the condition :$FLEX$.ParamA=’ENABLE_B’ is added.
ParamC has value set VS3 attached to it. VS3 is of tye Table and in the Where/Order By clause the condition :$FLEX$.ParamA=’ENABLE_C’ is added.

When the…

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Error: NetworkManager is not running. – Arch Linux

I have recently installed arch linux and got error when issuing nmcli command where this command is network manager.

$ nmcli
Error: NetworkManager is not running.

After running the below commands the Network manager service is started and Enabled

  1. start it:
    systemctl start NetworkManager
  2. make it auto-start on boot:
    systemctl enable NetworkManager
  3. tell it to connect to a WiFi network:
    nmcli device wifi list

OAF import script was wrong and so Region was not Imported

Requirement : To add a Region(Initiator Details) to a Notification for second level approver.

Problem faced : I have added that particular region and I have Imported the script but still it was not reflecting when trying to Import. We have tried to print the Region using jdr_utils and then we are able to see it was not reflecting.

We came to know that there is problem in Import script. Below was the script

java $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/per/selfservice/appraisals/webui/ApprNtfFinalRN.xml -username apps -password apps -dbconnection “(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST= <>)(PORT=<>))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=<>)))” -rootdir $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/per

Solution : As my collegue Bala helped then he was able to find that the path of rootdir was wrong and rootPackage was not given. After we have added the page imported successfully. Below is the correct script. So the rootPackage is that which changes the exact point in the Filesystem.

java $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/per/selfservice/appraisals/webui/ApprNtfFinalRN.xml -username apps -password apps -dbconnection “(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST= <>)(PORT=<>))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=<>)))” -rootdir $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/per/selfservice/appraisals/webui/ -rootPackage “/oracle/apps/per/selfservice/appraisals/webui”


Case :2

java /oraapps_new/UAT/apps/fs1/EBSapps/appl/ap/12.0.0/mds/oie/webui/OIEPROJECTLOV.xml -username apps -password uatapps -dbconnection “(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=” -rootdir /oraapps_new/UAT/apps/fs1/EBSapps/appl/ap/12.0.0/mds/oie/webui/

The Above is my old Import script. The corrected one is below. In the above the root package was missing. Root package should be same as the jdr_utils.printdocument path without the file name.


java /oraapps_new/UAT/apps/fs1/EBSapps/appl/ap/12.0.0/mds/oie/webui/OIEPROJECTLOV.xml -username apps -password uatapps -dbconnection “(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=” -rootdir /oraapps_new/UAT/apps/fs1/EBSapps/appl/ap/12.0.0/mds/oie/webui/ -rootPackage /oracle/apps/ap/oie/webui/

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Stale data Error when trying to delete the Rows in OAF

When I tried to delete the rows I was getting stale data error as shown in the above screenshot.

I have analysed my VO that it does not have dependency like Master or Child and below is code.

for(Row row1 = A.first(); row1 != null; row1 =
if(row1 != null)

It is straight foward code to delete the row. I am getting the error on Commit on the code. I have searched and I have added the below line in the code and then it worked.

getOADBTransaction().setLockingMode( getOADBTransaction().LOCK_NONE);

What happens it the row is getting locked internally so I have put the above code in order to release the lock during delete.


While comparing Invoice Aging Report and Trial Balance Report some records were missing in xla_trial_balances table

When we were Reconciling data for supplier outstanding amount we checked in Trial balance which was giving a different value and Aging Report was giving another value. So when we checked the records we were able to find that some records were missing in xla_trial_balances table. So Initially we thought whether to rebuild or not. After checking the same with functional we got to know that there was a setup missing.

Go to Payables Super User –> Setup –> Accounting Setups –> Subledger Accounting Setup –> Open Account Balances Listing Definitions.

In this Screen the Trial Balance Accounts will be defined for Reporting purpose. Here we have to add the expected Natural Account so that it will populate in the Trial Balance Report, which In turn will fill data in xla_trial_balances table.


Oracle Apps HRMS Leave Balance Extract Query

Below is the Query to get HRMS Leave Element Balance from Payroll in Monthwise

SELECT Papf.Employee_number,
FROM Per_all_assignments_f Paaf,
Per_all_people_f Papf,
Per_all_positions Hapf,
Per_jobs Pj,
Per_grades Grd,
Pay_people_groups Ppg,
Pay_assignment_actions Paa,
Pay_payroll_actions Ppa,
pay_balance_values_v pbvv,
pay_balance_values_v pbvv1
WHERE Papf.Person_id = Paaf.Person_id
AND Paaf.Position_id = Hapf.Position_id(+)
AND Paaf.Job_id = Pj.Job_id(+)
AND Paaf.Grade_id = Grd.Grade_id(+)
AND Paaf.People_group_id = Ppg.People_group_id
AND Paaf.Assignment_id = Paa.Assignment_id
AND Paaf.Payroll_id = Ppa.Payroll_id
AND Paa.Payroll_action_id = Ppa.Payroll_action_id
AND pbvv.assignment_action_id = paa.assignment_action_id
AND pbvv1.assignment_action_id = paa.assignment_action_id
AND pbvv.DEFINED_BALANCE_ID =2109 –Balance ID
AND pbvv1.DEFINED_BALANCE_ID =3116 –Balance ID
AND Paaf.Primary_flag = ‘Y’
AND sysdate BETWEEN Paaf.Effective_start_date AND Paaf.Effective_end_date
AND sysdate BETWEEN Paaf.Effective_start_date AND Paaf.Effective_end_date
AND sysdate BETWEEN papf.Effective_start_date AND papf.Effective_end_date
AND TO_CHAR(ppa.effective_date, ‘MMYYYY’) = :MMYYYY –Month
ORDER BY Papf.Employee_number