Apps in Terminal on Ubuntu

This post is to launch an application and quiting a app in terminal and this is very simple process. So first is to we need to open the terminal …. There are many ways to open a terminal in ubuntu

In unity(For ubuntu 11.04, 11.10, 12.04)

Dash -> Search for Terminal

Dash -> More Apps -> ‘See More Results’ -> Terminal

Dash -> More Apps -> Accessories -> Terminal

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + T

In Gnome(ubuntu versions =< 10.10)

Applications menu -> Accessories -> Terminal.

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + T

Now our terminal is launched. After launching the terminal now we have to launch an application. Launching of a application in terminal is very simple. So now we will launch a application in terminal just type its application command  type firefox in terminal

dev093@TP093:~$ firefox 

Now the application firefox will be launched

Why to open application in Terminal

We can open an application in GUI(Graphical User Interface). We will be able to control the program by only GUI. Whereas if we open by terminal we will be able to

  • Control the program by terminal
  • Can add fun to the program
  • We can get any and analyse the error or reports by the program

To terminate a application in terminal just type the command below

dev093@TP093:~$ ps aux | grep -i firefox
dev093 2649 0.5 3.0 429296 91316 pts/5 Sl+ 17:57 0:11 ./firefox -P -no-remote

now you will be able to see the process ID like 2649  now type

dev093@TP093:~$ kill -9 2649

Thats it. Your’e done. Your application will be closed


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