Configuring Virtual box

Have you heard of Virtual machine… Oh whats this some machine ah. No it is a piece of software that is used to boot the operating system into a virtual interface. By this we can test or anaylse an operating system… One such software is Virtual box. Here I name the os as Guest os and Host os. Host os is what we are using for me its Ubuntu 12.04 and the guest os is windows 7. Now lets  install and configure it.

Here’ s the screen shot of virtual box

windows 7as guest os and ubuntu as host os  in virtual box

Step: 1   Installing virtual box

Installing virtual box can be done by Ubuntu Software Center or by downloading virtualbox from oracle website or by adding repos. I am installing virtual box by software center and i click install Thats fine now our virtual box is installed

image of virtualbox software

Step : 2 Installing Guest Os
Now we have to configure so first i will take a windows 7 bootable dvd and i insert and i will open this virtualbox application after opening i will install windows 7 so i click on the New menu. after that you will get a window opened choose your operating system i have chosen as windows 7 after that we have to allocate the RAM and then you have to create a hard disk and thats it … Now you will get the menu from the source to boot and go to the booting process and once the boot is finished. Now Start the windows 7 os .

Step : 3 Adding guest additions
Start the windows 7 and in that window go to the devices menu and the you will have install guest additions… Now install guest additions and you will have to download the the iso file and after download point the file and install… now in the Guest os just install the virtual box Guest additions … To install directx it is better to go in safe mode and install it.

Step : 4 Adding virtual box extension
We have to install the virtual box extension this is for the enabling USB 2.0. We have to the virtual box website and we have to add download the virtual box extensions.See to that the insalled version and the extension are the same version. And download the version and install and our virtual box and see that guest os in off state. After installing switch on virtual machine now its ready we can go.

Step : 5 Configuring for our useimage of guest os usb controller
Now switch off the guest os and in the main window there is a folder called shared folder and add the folders to be added in guest os. And also enable the USB ports and check the enable usb controller and add the USB drive that are to be added to the guest os.

Thats it. If any comments please  post it


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