A Good look to your terminal

GNOME Terminal is a tool that be used by both knowledgeable users and newcomers, offering via a spartan sober interface access to numerous commands.

Although the terminal is usually used for its functionalities rather than its look, there are users who prefer to modify its default look&feel in order to please the eye but also to constantly observe various system information when the terminal is launched.

Archey is a small yet handy utility that gathers various sysinfos and displays them in a terminal via a simple command, informations including uptime, kernel version, username, hostname, total&used RAM, disk space, etc packed with a fancy colored ASCII Ubuntu logo.

Archey can be automatically enabled in the terminal with simple steps, such as:

  • download the .deb package and install it via Ubuntu Software Center
  • open the .bashrc file (under the home folder, press Ctrl+H in order to make the hidden file visible) and type at its bottom archey

Customization can be taken a step further by adding PS1="┌─[\d][\u@\h:\w]\n└─> " at the bottom of the .bashrc file, action that will trigger the change as seen in the bellow picture.

Check it and Enjoy


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