Awesome look with conky(Infinity theme)

Revive your desktop with Infinity theme for Conky

Infinity Conky

Conky is a handy utility that adds useful system informations on the desktop, utility that can handle a wide range of creative actions expressed in exciting and fancy visuals that can enrich and transform an “ordinary” desktop into a “living” interface.

Infinity is definitely an interesting conky theme exposed via beautifully designed items, including a futuristic clock, clearly displayed date and time, but, probably the “key” point of the Infinity theme is its map-like approach, starting with the file system linked to the used kernel, network and one’s “demanding” running processes.

How do we install Infinity?

  • first, install conky

    sudo apt-get install conky-all

  • then, download the theme
  • unpack the archive and rename conkyrc to .conkyrc, lua to .lua, conky to .conky (press Ctrl+H to make them visible)
  • copy the renamed files and folders (.conkyrc, .lua, .conky) to the home folder
  • to run conky with the new theme, type in a terminal


  • to enable conky to run at startup, navigate to Session Menu (Unity panel's cog icon)-->Startup Applications-->Add-->type conky at Name-->type .conky/ at Command

Infinity is opened to tweaking, thus the users can modify its “background” via the rev-eng.psd (from inside the unpacked folder), from where they can enhance various components or remove undesired items, like for instance the name “Backtrack” (after the mentioned .PSD file is edited via GIMP, in order to apply the change in the Infinity theme, save the modified .PSD file as a .PNG, and copy it under the .conky folder).

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