Securing your Grub with Grubpass on linux

The last post was about resetting the password there comes like a lack of security. Here to overcome that we have this grub pass to secure the Grub.

To Install it on Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and enter the following commands in the Terminal:

Now start Grubpass with following command:

  • sudo grubpass
How to use Grubpass see ScreenShots: (click image to enlarge)

1: Installation Complete

grub2 password

2: Start GrubPass


3: How to set password

Protect grub2

4: Create username for grub

grub2 secure

5: Follow password steps in-order to set password on grub entries

ubuntu grub2

6: Apply password on specific or all grub entries


7: Finally you are done

How to Remove Password from Grub Entries?

It is really easy just enter following command and see ScreenShots.

  • sudo grubpass

1: Now enter recover (See picture)


2: Finally enter yes/no

fedora grub

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