LibreOffice 3.6 released

LibreOffice 3.6 released

LibreOffice 3.6 has been released as the fourth major release of the full-fledged powerful open-source office suite, introducing, along with a solid amount of under-the-hood changes, new interesting user interface tweaks and polish, bundle of features that are to deliver a more visually pleasant and stable, strengthened office tool.

What is new in LibreOffice 3.6?

  • new splash screen with a minty “touch” and completely redesigned look&feel (splash screen selected after a public contest)
  • redesigned Start Office dialog containing the minty bits
  • refreshed About dialog with a minty addition (thus completing the minty “rebranding”)
  • overall lighter cleaner look with redesigned rulers and border removal
  • support for word count, featuring a double-sided approach (meaning, writing text, automatically displays and updates the number of the typed words, yet, by selecting a number of words, adds a Selected addition into the bottom word count area, displaying both the “global” number of words and the selected number of words)
  • 10 new Impress templates with fancy design (accessible under LibreOffice Impress-->Master Pages)
  • import filter for Corel Draw documents
  • option to export PDF files with watermarks (under LibreOffice Writer-->Files-->Export as PDF-->check Sign with Watermark)
  • enhanced Writer (receiving support for contextual spacing, zoom settings for RTF/DOCX import/export, support to import Office SmartArt, etc)
  • enhanced Calc (new option to set a custom sheet name prefix in new documents, right-click ability to merge cells, improved CSV file import, added support for field items in cells, increased configuration options for formula calculation, etc)

The full release details are available on


I feel that the green splash can be dropped rather than that its awesome


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