Ubuntu Web Apps website published with in-depth step-by-step tutorials and technical references

Ubuntu Web Apps is the latest exciting technology published by the developers, technology that, although hasn’t been yet landed in Quantal Quetzal (the at-the-moment Ubuntu development version), already triggered a solid amount of feedback across the internets.

Along with Ubuntu Web Apps’ preview publishing, the developers have put together step-by-step tutorials and howtos via an official dedicated website, carefully explaining how interested users are to utilize the versatility, power and wide-range-of-usage as related to web apps integrated into the Ubuntu desktop.

The presented information exposes the web apps project in its plenitude, starting with a user-friendly tutorial, where integration points (launcher icons, switcher icon, Messaging Menu, HUD actions, launcher icon count emblem, launcher icon progress bar, etc), approaches to be followed (such as utilizing Messaging Menu for new questions and fanmail, etc), development steps (like choosing a proper icon size, adding a count badge on the Unity launcher, tweaking quicklist, testing scripts, etc), are explained, basically, a quick yet effective explanatory development process.

The mentioned development why-where-how are properly explained in relation to an example (Tumblr), plunging the user directly into the “real” actual coding experience.

Digesting the mentioned tutorial, could trigger a demand for more advanced web apps-related informations, desire easily satisfiable via the Unity Web API quickstart and Unity Web API reference page, where more technical bits are to be located.


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