Online Accounts landed in Ubuntu 12.10 as default

Quantal Quetzal is definitely an exciting Ubuntu development cycle, where, judging by the latest weeks’ announcements, are to land new fresh technologies, a solid step towards real innovation featuring both bold and creative ideas, focused on delivering high-quality desktop and “online” experiences.

Ubuntu Web Apps (not landed in 12.10 yet) have been created as a powerful reliable bridge between the desktop and the web, basically, being designed as fully integrated web bits into the handiness and versatility of the Ubuntu desktop, consequently, navigating via the web-browser to Gmail, 1-click away allows the user to “catch” and later use Gmail as a desktop app, with its own icon, presences in the Dash, etc.

The Web Apps are not mere web links, but solid code “immersed” into the desktop, taking advantage of various technologies, such as Online Accounts, a handy System Settings addition that houses numerous web places with relevant functionalities, such as entering one’s Facebook account, etc, as well as managing various online accounts.

Online Accounts have just landed in Ubuntu 12.10, being implemented into System Settings (by default).

Clicking on it, opens a default set of available services, such as Facebook, Flickr, Google (Gmail, Google Docs, Google+, Youtube, Picasa), Twitter, AIM, Windows Live, Salut, Jabber,, Yahoo!.

Managing one’s Twitter account details features a double-sided approach, meaning, navigating toSystem Settings-->Online Accounts-->Twitter , opens the authorization sub-panel, where the account details can be entered, and, opening Gwibber, automatically opens the System Settings’ Online Accounts, directly on the Gwibber-specific “page”, clicking on Twitter follows the mentioned authorization process.

A definitely interesting aspect of Online Accounts is the hassle-free account maneuvering, meaning, entering the account details for Twitter in the System Settings’ Online Accounts, automatically pushes the Twitter account into Gwibber (when Gwibber is launched), removing the need to type the account details again in Gwibber.

The hassle-free account managing is not limited to Twitter, the displayed online services are featuring integration with various desktop apps, after typing an account, clicking on it, reveals the available to-take-advantage-of desktop apps.

Furthermore, the provided services are managed separately, in the sense of allowing the user to 1-click away disable a particular service, while retaining other usable services.

The at-the-moment targeted applications are GwibberShotwell and Empathy, with specific integrations for various functionalities.

Adding a Google account into the Online Accounts, stores the account details for usage with the displayed apps, consequently, opening Shotwell and choosing to publish an image to Picasa adds one’s Picasa credentials (from the Google account) automatically from Online Accounts.

Online Accounts is a clear and “open” utility that displays the full list of supported apps and online services, by navigating to Add account-->Show account that integrate with the user can easily observe the whole integration “environment”.


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