Familiarize yourself with open-source’s terms and concepts

Understanding Free and Open Source 2

Ubuntu is free open-source software, that, along with its openness, provides a stable, secure, full-fledged platform, used and enjoyed by millions and millions of users across the world.

While, for users familiarized with Ubuntu, the open-source software and its “directions” are known and appreciated, for newcomers coming from the proprietary world, the openness is perceived as exciting yet “mysterious”, in the sense of not being able to understand how an open community is built, sustained and constantly developed and enhanced.

DoctorMo has published/updated an interesting document focused on free open-source software, clearly explaining step-by-step key points of the open ecosystem on which Ubuntu (and Linux in general) stands.

Visually pleasant slides (packed into a “continuous” document) expose in a graphical manner relevant concepts, such as the Commons (resources accessible to users, regardless of social status, financial “state”, country of origin, religious belief, age, gender, political orientation, computer skills, community involvement, etc), copyright (such as BSD, MIT, CC-BY, CC-BY, Share Alike, etc), proprietary software, crowd funding, support funding, etc.

The mentioned document gathers a bundle of interesting informations useful to plunge the freshmen into the open-source basics, featuring the handy ability to present, in a matter of minutes, key points useful to draw a minimalistic yet effective map of core values that govern the open-source “universe”.

The document is available on http://doctormo.deviantart.com/art/Free-and-Open-Source-2-323411054


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