GNOME Contacts landed in Ubuntu 12.10 as default

GNOME Contacts

GNOME Contacts is a handy utility, allowing the user to easily create, edit and manage accounts via a double-sided approach, meaning, GNOME Contacts ca be used for both locally-based and online contacts (“covering” online services such as Facebook, Google, Windows Live, etc).

Clarity is definitely an aspect properly managed by the Contacts, launching the app, summons a dialog where the user can select the usage manner (Use Local Address Book and Online Accounts, local or online), taking the local “path”, further opens its main “empty” view, “ready” to be filled with contacts.

Adding a local contact is as simple as clicking the top-left New button and filling the numerous available contact fields, such as Contact Name, Email, Phone, Address, etc, as well as per-contact avatars.

Searching a contact is to be performed by typing a word (when the GNOME Contacts’ window is focused), action that summons a top-left search area (basically, the search method is search-as-you-type), clicking the Escape key, closes the search area.

GNOME Contacts landed in Ubuntu 12.10 by default, consequently, accessing the useful tool is to be performed by typing contacts in Dash’s search area.


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