Firefox 15 landed for Linux and Android

Firefox is Ubuntu’s default web-browser adopting, in the latest months, a rapid release-cycle, allowing users to benefit constantly released Firefox versions.

Usually, highly appreciated app releases are based on user interface changes, consequently, due to their visible “nature”, the changes are immediately perceivable by the user and, contrary to the mentioned approach, the under-the-hood oriented releases tend to become monotonous, despite their “vital” role.

Firefox 15 has just been released, mainly as bug fixes release featuring under-the-hood optimizations, taking the “open” web-browser on higher “grounds”, especially for developers.

The newly released 15 version comes with serious WebGL enhancements, including optimizations aimed at improved performances, new CCS-related bits, HTML5 enhancements, etc.

Usually, in order to personalize the web experience, the users are installing add-ons, tendency materialized in a higher memory usage, nevertheless, the 15 release brings optimized memory usage for add-ons, latter addition “designed” to “stabilize” the used memory.

New layout view added to the Inspector, ability to easily switch between desktop and mobile site views (via the responsive design tool), as well as various developer-specific changes, come to deliver a more versatile Firefox release.

Firefox 15 is to probably land in Ubuntu in the next hours/days.

As a manual installation alternative, Firefox 15 is available for download on


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