Messaging Menu received interesting refinements in Ubuntu 12.10


Weeks ago, the developers published an interesting map to be followed and implemented in the next (at-the-moment current) Ubuntu development cycle, map created with clarity, user-friendliness and “personal” labels in mind.

After the Session Menu’s refreshing, the latest updates have landed in Ubuntu 12.10, featuring the previously-sketched changes, thus implementing the above mentioned changes.

Broadcast has been removed, being replaced by Gwibber, basically, imprinting the Messaging Menu with the actual social client’s name.

Mail‘s place has been taken by Thunderbird Mail, following the mentioned approach as exposing the name of the used applications, as opposed to the “old” generic-names pattern.

Along with Gwibber and Thunderbird, Empathy is now displayed in the Messaging Menu by default, clicking on it, summons the app.

At the moment, the rounded areas surrounding the displayed numbers (related to unread mails, Gwibber replies, etc), has been removed, commonly displaying the amount of items.

Along with the mentioned refinements, Ubuntu One is no longer accessible via the Messaging Menu, probably due to its near-future inclusion in the upcoming Sync Menu.


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  1. Looks slicker. Time will tell if performance picks up the pace.

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