Web Access via Terminal in Ubuntu

ELinks is a rapid and light console web browser. It supports tabbed browsing, cookies, bookmarks, menus, etc. There is also a support for images and PDF files. The mouse can also be used with this console web browser.
ELinks Installation
To install ELinks, press CTRL+ALT+T to run the terminal, then run this command:
sudo apt-get install elinks
To make ELinks support images, you need to install feh by executing this command:
sudo apt-get install feh
For PDF support, you need to install fbi:
sudo apt-get install fbi
ELinks Configuration
To run ELinks, open Applications >> Internet >> ELinks Web Browser, or open the terminal, then run this command:

Press Esc key two times to display ELinks menu. To configure the terminal, open Setup >> Terminal options.


ELinks Use
Here is some ELinks keyboard shortcuts:
g: Open address bar.
up/down arrows: To scroll up and down – Use them if you don’t have a scroll wheel.
left arrow: Previous page.
u: Next page.
A click with the mouse wheel: Open link in a new tab.
t: Open new tab.
c: Close current tab.
CTRL+R: Reload current page.
q: Exit ELinks.
Managing bookmarks
a: To add current URL to bookmarks.
s: Open Bookmark manager.
To move a bookmark, select it first with Insert key, an asterisk appears, move  your cursor in the folder or the place you want to move your bookmark to, then click Move.

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