How to configure settings for unknown monitor?
When I have unknown monitor connected, how can I increase resolution to match device connected?

When monitor correctly communicates with the graphics card and system the modes supported will correctly appear and monitor will correctly be configured. In current linux distros hardware settings for x-server are by default done without use of configuration file. After attaching a new monitor we can configure it automatically just by switching to terminal and back to graphics terminal to softly restart the xserver e.g. (Ctrl-Alt-F1), (Ctrl-Alt-F8). A better way it probably to use the monitor preferences command in the start menu (Found in gnome start menu under System>Preferences>Monitors). However if supported modes are not found then there is a useful command line tool we can use to add the supported mode to xserver.

In my case after attaching “gateway” monitor to my lenovo t410 laptop by VGA…

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