Top artworks on Gnome-look in April 2012

When a linux user needs new artworks to change the look and feel of his desktop, the first place he would look for is gnome-look, a website where linux users can submit their artworks, ie GTK themes, icon themes, conky configs, and many other things for everybody to download and use for free. Each month, hundreds of new artworks have been uploaded on gnome-look so you may have missed a lot of nice stuffs if you dont check gnome-look regularly. But dont worry, today’s article of Linux and Life will list all the best artworks which just got submitted on Gnome-look in this month, April 2012.

 GTK themes
Here are the five new GTK themes that I like the most


A silver-ish GTK theme, suits best for those who prefer light themes. Click here to download Elementary-mod-silver theme.


This GTK theme is not completed yet but it got a lot of potential. ImmUnity, according to the author, is the combination of several themes like Ambiance, Radiance and Elementary. Click here to download ImmUnity theme.

Ambiance DS BlueBroken

Fans of dark themes will love Ambiance DS BlueBroken. It’s just a modified version of the old Ambiance theme yet it looks very innovating and elegant. I am myself using this theme and really like it. From my own experience, it will look even better with a little opacity. Click here to download Ambiance DS BlueBroken theme.

The Lot of 36 Swar themes

This is not a single theme, in fact, it’s a collection of 36 Swar themes with different colors and styles. The downloading file is pretty huge ( more than 80 MB) but you will have a lot of themes to select afterward. All the themes are of the dark style and the colors vary from red, yellow, blue, green, silver and grey. Click here to download this amazing collection of swar themes

Elementary GTK 3.0

A new version of the famous Elementary theme, this theme got a very high score (69%) just after 2 weeks. It’s a light theme which focuses on elegance and simplicity. Click here to download Elementary GTK 3.0 theme.


Icon themes

There are three new icon sets that got high score in this month.

Alienware Invader 

If you have an Alienware laptop, you should check this icon set as soon as possible. Very unique and stylish. Click here to download Alienware Invader icons.


A new squarish icon set, can be a worthy rival for the popular Fienza. Click here to download Kalahari icons.


This icon set is inspired by the 3D spherical icon set for Windows of  D.Arneaz. All the icons look really amazing. Click here to download Spere icon set

Conky configs

Linux users love conky and we have many new conky configs in April

Conky Circles

You can create many awesome works with just the good old lua rings and Conky Circles is one of these awesome artworks. Download Conky Circles here

Future Conky

You may notice that this conky has appeared in the screenshot of the Alienware Invader icon set. Im pretty sure that if you use both the Alienware icons and this Future Conky, all the humanoid creatures will be scared away of your Alienware desktop. Click here to download this Future Conky

Hej Conky

A new thing for the lovers of fancy conky configs. Download Hej Conky here

The conky collection of Caymus

Caymus has been submitting many different conky configs recently and all look good IMO. (Too bad that he isnt very creative at giving names). Click here to download all the conky configs of Caymus


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