Chrome OS Linux Is Now Known as Cr OS Linux

Cr OS Linux

Cr OS Linux

The Cr OS developers announced on September 14th, that the Chrome OS Linux has changed its name and it will be known as Cr OS Linux from now on.

Cr OS Linux 2.2.1226 operating system is based on the recently release openSUSE 12.2 distribution and it brings initial support for Google Drive.

Highlights of Cr OS Linux 2.2.1226:

· Based on openSUSE 12.2;
· Linux kernel 3.4.6;
· Cinnamon 1.6;
· Chromium 22.0.1226;
· InSync Beta 5;
· Banshee 2.4;
· GIMP 2.8;
· Shotwell 0.12;
· LibreOffice 3.5;
· Wine 1.5;
· Cheese 3.4;
· Pidgin 2.10;
· Control Center;
· Dashboard with social toolbar;
· and much more!

Cr OS Linux 2.2.1226 is distributed as a Live DVD ISO image only for the 32-bit architecture.


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