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I am currently reading “You Are Not A Gadget” by Jaron Lanier. Lanier is a self-proclaimed Silicon Valley Elitist. This book is a manifesto from Lanier’s point of view on the World Wide Web and the digital culture in general. If you are a young techy that absolutely loves everything social media, technology, and the internet  – then be warned that this book will seem insulting to you.

The part that upsets me the most is the appropriately titled “Rage”. To preface my anger, Lanier tells of the development of a computer called the LISP machine by him and Richard Stallman. LISP contained a popular programming language that a lot of industry researchers loved. LISP was then mostly sold by a company called Symbolics. Stallman then considered what would happen to LISP if Symbolics collapsed. It was then that Stallman came up with the idea that a computer code would…

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