The OpenStack Foundation officially launched with Canonical as a Platinum Member

The OpenStack Foundation

OpenStack is the most powerful full-fledged open cloud infrastructure platform, providing a highly scalable platform, fast deployment processes, high-quality development and management tools, a wide range of functionalities, low ownership costs, etc, bundle of features aimed at and suitable for both private and public clouds.

OpenStack is currently used by widely known and versed public cloud providers, such as HP and Rackspace, furthermore, Ubuntu is the reference operating system for OpenStack, latter quality expressed (according to Canonical) as “no other operating system is as tightly integrated with OpenStack, …, if you want to run OpenStack, …, then the best advice is to do so on Ubuntu”.

OpenStack Foundation has been officially launched today, September 19th, 2012, selecting Canonical as a Platinum Member of the newly created board, “as a founding platinum member, Canonical is involved by contributing to the project’s governance, technical development and strategy. We’re helping service providers and enterprises, as well as their customers and users, benefit from the open technologies that are making the cloud more powerful, simple and ubiquitous”

The versatile open cloud platform sees a constant overall growth and internal development increases, “the Foundation has already attracted more than 5,600 individual members from 87 countries and 850 different organizations, secured more than $10 million in funding and is ready to fulfill the OpenStack mission of becoming the ubiquitous cloud computing platform”.


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