ArtistX 1.3 Is Based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

ArtistX 1.3 is based on the popular Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) operating system and is powered by Linux kernel 3.0.0.

With over 2,500 open source multimedia applications on-board, this release of ArtistX features the GNOME 3.4 and KDE Software Compilation 4.8 desktop environments.

ArtistX 1.3 does not include the Unity interface of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Instead, it displays a minimalistic desktop environment, with a single panel at the bottom of the screen.

The following applications are included in ArtistX 1.3: Blender, GIMP, Rawstudio, Inkscape, Skencil, Nip2, Hugin, Synfig, Wings3D, Openshot, K3D, Cinelerra, Kdenlive, Kino, Avidemux, PiTiVi, DeVeDe, MPlayer, VLC Media Player, Kaffeine, LastFM, KMPlayer, Xine, Rosegarden, TerminatorX, Cecilia/Csound, PD and externals, and Ardour.

After nearly ten years of development and more than ten versions, the ArtistX 1.3 multimedia studio on a DVD is finally here. It’s an Ubuntu 12.04-based live DVD that turns a common computer into a full multimedia production studio.

ArtistX 1.3 includes the 3.0.0-15 Linux kernel, GNOME 3 and KDE 4.8 and about 2,500 free multimedia software packages, nearly everything that exists for the GNU/Linux operating system organized in the GNOME menu.” said Marco Ghirlanda in the official release announcement.

Review image
ArtistX 1.3 – Image courtesy of Marco Ghirlanda

About ArtistX

ArtistX is a Linux Live DVD distribution, based on Ubuntu OS, that transforms a normal PC into a full-featured multimedia production machine. Containing almost all available free audio, video and 2D/3D graphics tools, ArtistX is a good choice for multimedia enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs alike.

Being a Live DVD, there is no need to install ArtistX on the hard disk, thus leaving your partitions untouched. All the created files can be easily saved on USB drives and even burned on CDs or DVDs.


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