Ubuntu 12.10 BETA 2 released

Ubuntu 12.10 has reached its BETA 2 stage, strengthening the at-the-moment development cycle with numerous fixes and optimizations, as well as exciting new additions, bundle of freshness that definitely takes Ubuntu (the overall experience) a solid leap into high-quality top computer-related experience.

A definitely exciting new addition is the landing of three new default lenses

  • Unity Photos lens (harnesses data from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and the local computer, generating a wide range of images available via the Dash; in order to access pictures from the mentioned lenses, the user must configure the required accounts via System Settings-->Online Accounts)
  • Unity Gwibber lens (allows the user to browse messages, links, images, etc, from Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, etc, directly from the Dash, furthermore, due to the newly landed Social Previews, right-clicking on an item, opens it in its preview with fancy message-specific bubble and useful option to directly interact with a social contact, such as like, retweet, view, etc)
  • Unity Shopping lens (features a “stealth” approach, in the sense of being implemented without a dedicated icon in the lens bar, yet populating the Dash home with Amazon search result, search action triggered by simply typing a word in Dash’s search area; its exposed items are rendered with big-sized pleasant-to-the-eye icons, allowing the user to immediately perceive extra details via visual labels, such as prices)

The new Unity 6.6 introduces a numerous amount of visual enhancements, fixes and optimizations, including a fancy gradient (applied to the Dash), previews opening’s animation, keyboard navigation support through Previews (option to navigate between previews via mouse available, too), numerous options to close the Previews (by simply clicking outside of their “area” and/or clicking on the preview’s exposed image, etc), refined highlight box (featuring a big-sized surrounding box), fixed size for Previews (regardless of Dash’s normal or maximized state).

Quantal BETA 2 (since BETA 1) sees a new step in Spread’s development, meaning, opening three Nautilus windows and clicking on Nautilus’ Unity launcher icon, pushes the windows in Spread mode, Spread featuring now a close button (displayed when the user hovers the mouse pointer over an in-Spread window).

Unity greeter is now both remote session enabled and Ubuntu logo free (if the user installs extra sessions, the Ubuntu logo is restored, consequently, selecting a different session is to be performed by following the traditional Ubuntu 12.04-like way), in the sense of allowing users to access remote machines (directly from the Unity greeter and using a guest account), furthermore, the developers have implemented the option to link (contain into) various remote sessions’ details into a singular Ubuntu SSO account (entering the SSO’s account details at login, automatically pushes its contained remote session accounts into the greeter).

New Messaging Menu icons (visually bearing Empathy’s status on their “surface”), improved Onboard (the virtual keyboard gained shadowed buttons), refined GRUB 2 (featuring shorter cleaner entries) and the new default wallpaper, come to encompass the newly released Ubuntu 12.10 BETA 2.

Ubuntu 12.10 BETA 2 is available for download on http://releases.ubuntu.com/quantal/


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