Numerous supported Ubuntu Web Apps landed in Ubuntu 12.10 (by default)

Recently, the developers landed (by default) Ubuntu (Unity) Web Apps’ infrastructure in Quantal Quetzal, without use cases, meaning, there weren’t actual Web Apps available (by default), excepting Ubuntu One Music and Amazon, two interesting Web Apps situated on the Unity launcher (without further actions, such as dragging & dropping their launchers on the Unity launcher).

The latest updates bring numerous specific Web Apps in Ubuntu 12.10, allowing users to benefit Web Apps.

At the moment, their installation process is as such: while the Web Apps appear in Ubuntu Software Center / Synaptic as available for installation (but not installed), navigating to a supported website via Firefox (supported by default), summons a dialog from where clicking the Install button, installs the Web App.

A definitely interesting aspect of the Web Apps is their integration level, in the sense of being presented with a per-web-app specific desktop integration, thus generating relevant integrated-into-the-desktop functionalities.

  • installing BBC News, automatically pushes news via the desktop notification, presenting the user a reliable yet lightweight mix between an RSS-like tool and a web browser
  • installing Yahoo Mail, automatically pushes the unread emails into the Messaging Menu, clicking on Inbox, opens Firefox directly on the unread emails’ webpage
  • installing, automatically adds the currently played music to the Sound Menu, featuring title (, track name, artist name, thumbnail, etc

Launching a Web App is as simple as opening the Dash, typing a word in the search area and clicking the desired Web App icon.

At the moment, the available Web Apps are: amazoncloudreader, angrybirds, bbcnews, cuttherope, facebookapps, facebookmessenger, gmail, googlecalendar, googledocs, googleplus, googleplusgames, grooveshark, hulu-player, lastfm-radio, launchpad, librefm, linkedin, livemail, mail-ru, newsblur, pandora-com, qq-mail, reddit, tumblr, twitter, vkcom, wordpress-com, yahoomail, yahoonews, yandex-music, yandexnews, youtube

In order to remove a specific Web App, the user is to search and locate the Web App via Ubuntu Software Center (by typing names such as amazoncloudreader in the search area) and uninstall it similarly to a regular application.


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