KDE developers launch Homerun, Unity-like interface

Cycles ago, Unity landed in Ubuntu (by default), plunging users into a more organized, polished and versatile overall desktop experience via its numerous components, such as the launcher, Dash, etc, latter interface that exposes files, folders, actions, previews, search capabilities, etc, basically, a powerful mix of functionalities, designed (and successfully implemented) to push the desktop towards a high-quality filled-with-features no-compromise experience.

Naturally, high-quality innovative designs are further used (to suit various use cases, demands and preferences), as in the case of the recently released Unity’s Fedora port (bearing a similar look and basic functionalities).

Homerun has just been released, presenting itself a a fullscreen launcher (designed with KDE in mind), “Homerun is a fullscreen launcher with content organized in tabs. A tab is composed of several “sources”. A source can provide one or more sections to a tab. Homerun comes with a few built-in sources, but custom sources can be written using libhomerun”.

Furthermore, judging by the below clip, the user is to immediately observe a relevant design similarity between Unity and Homerun, essentially, the latter acts, behaves and looks like Unity’s Dash (yet using different technologies, a basic set of features, etc, filtered through a KDE prism).

Clicking on the K button, summons the fullscreen overlay, typing a word in its search area, display matched results, etc, basically, presenting the KDE users a Unity-like functionality.

In-depth details are available on http://agateau.com/2012/11/14/introducing-homerun/



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