The 3.8 Kernel Gift

The next kernel development cycle has new features, there’s already a ton of exciting work. Now here’s a recap showing why this Linux kernel being developed over the holidays and its a  great gift for its users.

Among the features for the Linux 3.8 kernel that have been merged thus far include:

– Work towards true CPU hot-plug support.

Improved ACPI power management in the never-ending battle of improving the Linux power efficiency and performance-per-Watt.

– A wide variety of XFS file-system changes.

– Continued work on 64-bit ARMv8 / AArch64 support.

– Tons of staging driver changes.

– Support has been dropped for the old i386 CPUs to reduce the complexity of the Linux kernel.

DMA-BUF support in V4L2 so that Video 4 Linux 2 drivers may share buffers with their DRM graphics drivers in a zero-copy manner.

– In certain workloads, the Linux kernel now goes through a lot less system memory.

– Linux support for the Microsoft Windows 8 multi-touch protocol.

Audio driver improvements, including new sound card drivers.

Performance improvements for cryptography on Linux.

– Support for the yet-to-be-released IBM POWER8 CPUs.

– While the DRM pull request hasn’t yet been submitted, there are Radeon performance improvements, various other Radeon changes, Exynos driver improvements, Intel/Nouveau changes, and much more.

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