Diary tool Lifeograph 0.11 released

Lifeograph is a powerful diary designed with privacy and versatility in mind, tool that contains a solid set of features, such as:

  • support to encrypt personal diaries (encryption process performed on-demand)
  • rich-text functionalities, such as bold, italic, text highlighting, unordered list, etc
  • automatic formating of relevant text structures (such as titles), meaning, starting an entry and typing text, automatically formats the first line as title (with blue-ish color)
  • spell checking
  • option to mark entries as favorite
  • support for search-through-entries
  • statistical charts

Lifeograph has been updated to version 0.11, introducing numerous under-the-hood changes and visible UI refinements, bundle of changes refreshing its overall look & feel.

The newly released 0.11 version comes with a refined toolbar, removing the old buttons’ position/look and adopting more aligned proportioned icons, furthermore, expressing the icons with fancy bigger (as compared to the “old” icons) monochrome icons for Tools (represented by a “cog” icon) and Go to today, change that updates Lifeograph to the latest design trends.

Eyecandy is definitely part of Lifeograph 0.11, hovering the mouse pointer over the bottom bar’s Add Tag renders its visual container with a pleasant-to-the-eye yellow shape, approach adopted by created tags, too (rendered with a similar look, while bearing a dark-on-white attitude).

Lifeograph 0.11 brings a safety-wise move-to-trash functionality, functionality useful to delete entries; in order to delete an entry (as in move to trash,–not fully deleting the entry–) select it (by clicking on it) and click on the "cog" icon-->Move to Trash, action that moves the entry to the trash.

Accessing deleted entries (in situations like accidental deletions) is as simple as clicking on the trash icon (Filter trashed entries), action that displays the previously deleted entries.

Clicking on a deleted entry-->"cog"-->Restore adds the previously-deleted entry to the main regular diary entries.

Clicking on a deleted entry-->"cog"-->Dismiss fully deletes the entry.

The mentioned changes, along with massive code reorganizations, numerous bug fixes and improvements (like for instance, improved printing process), come to deliver a more stable and polished Lifeograph release.

How do we install Lifeograph 0.11?
Add the following official PPA (Precise, Quantal)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dmxe/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lifeograph

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