LibreOffice 4.0 compared difference-by-difference with Microsoft Office 2013

As seen across the internets, users are utilizing both open-source and closed software, software ranging from movie players and text editors to converters, tools, utilities, 3D suites, etc.

It is a fact, is it not, that there are open-source projects constantly developed, enriched and refreshed, open attitude materializing itself as powerful, full-fledged and no-compromise applications.

Yesterday, February 7th 2013, the LibreOffice developers announced and successfully released LibreOffice 4.0, major version designed in mind with incarnating long-awaited features and quality standards.

On the official LibreOffice wiki, the developers have published an interesting comparison between the fresh 4.0 LibreOffice and Microsoft’s Office 2013, essentially, exposing/highlighting differences between the open-source community-enabled LibreOffice 4.0 and the proprietary Microsoft Office 2013.

Among the obvious, strident differences (clearly a plus for LibreOffice) are: cross-platform availability, open-source, free of charge, available extensions (via, — more than 170–), supported languages (111 languages for LibreOffice 4.0, 37 languages for Microsoft Office 2013), extended PDF export, import for SVG (PSD, CorelDraw), built-in drawing program (LibreOffice Draw), support for Firefox Personas, stable layout for handling large documents (in LibreOffice Writer), business card wizard, etc.

At a first glance (as well as after carefully digesting the accuracy and validity of the presented differences), one can immediately conclude that LibreOffice 4.0 features a powerful, versatile experience suitable for both home and professional workflows, for both open-source lovers and proprietary users, without lacking major functionalities, but rather gathering under an open-source roof a massive bundle of features.

The complete LibreOffice-4.0-versus-Microsoft-Office-2013 differences are available on…

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