Integrating Workflow and OAF

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Oracle Workflow is tightly integrated with Oracle Apps and it is very common to invoke workflow from OAF Pages too.

The class oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.OANavigation provides Java wrappers for Oracle Workflow Engine’s PL/SQL APIs.

 It is very simple to invoke Workflow using OAF, again there are two options first using Java wrappers and second through calling PL/SQL procedures but the later approach you can use if you are converting some Oracle Form into OAF form and all the code for Workflow is already ready and tested but if it is new workflow then you should use Java wrappers:

 Following piece of code invokes the Workflow from OAF:

 import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.OANavigation;

 public void launchWorkFlowFromOAF(OAPageContext pageContext)


String wfItemType = “‘XXSR'”;

String wfProcess = “‘SR_MAIN_PROCESS'”;

OADBTransaction transaction = getOADBTransaction();

String Sr_No ;

String wfItemKey = ” “;

Sr_No = pageContext.getParameter(“sr_no”);

wfItemKey = Sr_No+ transaction.getSequenceValue(“xxsr_key_s.NEXTVAL”).toString();

OANavigation wfClass = new OANavigation();

// Create Workflow Process

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