Inserting values into fnd_lookup_values by fnd_lookup_value_pkg

When the requirement is to insert your data into oracle seeded table you have two options recommended. One is by Interface and another by API.

Here we are going to see the values to be inserted by API for a particular table.

API -> fnd_lookup_values_pkg

Table -> fnd_lookup_values

To insert into fnd_lookup_values  table which is oracle seeded we can use the API fnd_lookup_values_pkg which is a package.


To view the contents of the package

  1. If you use TOAD place the cursor in the pkg  and press F4
  2. Use the Below Query to find the content

select * from user_source where name=upper(‘fnd_lookup_values_pkg’);

Below is the script for inserting data into table by using fnd_lookup_values _pkg


xrow rowid;

j number;

CURSOR C IS select LOOKUP_TYPE, meaning, lookup_code, DESCRIPTION  from


where lookup_type like ‘XXHLP%’;


FOR i IN c



— Call the procedure

fnd_lookup_values_pkg.insert_row(x_rowid               => xrow,

x_lookup_type         => i.LOOKUP_TYPE,

x_security_group_id   => 1,

x_view_application_id => 0,

x_lookup_code         => i.lookup_code,

x_tag                 => null,

x_attribute_category  => null,

x_attribute1          => null,

x_attribute2          => null,

x_attribute3          => null,

x_attribute4          => null,

x_enabled_flag        => ‘Y’,

x_start_date_active   => null,

x_end_date_active     => null,

x_territory_code      => null,

x_attribute5          => null,

x_attribute6          => null,

x_attribute7          => null,

x_attribute8          => null,

x_attribute9          => null,

x_attribute10         => null,

x_attribute11         => null,

x_attribute12         => null,

x_attribute13         => null,

x_attribute14         => null,

x_attribute15         => null,

x_meaning             => i.meaning,

x_description         => i.DESCRIPTION,

x_creation_date       => sysdate,

x_created_by          => 1318,

x_last_update_date    => sysdate,

x_last_updated_by     => 1318,

x_last_update_login   => 1318);

END loop;



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