Simple Mail – A wonderful addon for firefox

I was using Microsoft office 365 for my office mail. Every Day I come to office open my browser then log in to my account. I was getting bored because we are not given outlook which is a desktop client or we cannot install any other mail clients as it is our company PC. I just googled to have a alternative and I came with one which was very interesting that is “Simple Mail  Add-on”  for firefox.

I am using firefox version  25 and I installed it. Firefox prompted me to restart the Browser. After the Restart I set up the mail and I was able to use it as like a desktop client.

The Features I like was we can have notifications and refresh time can be set.

The other interesting thing is I was able to access gmail through this add-on whereas in my browser  gmail is blocked.

If you want a try Just go to your firefox browser and click on add-on and search for “Simple Mail Addon”

Or Just go to this link from your firefox and click download button.

You have your simple mail Addon installed. After Restart you will see a icon on top right of your firefox.

To set your preference or to add an mail account  Just go to Add-ons in firefox and go to options.

Below is the screen shot for Simple Mail.

Simple Mail Addon for firefox


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