HRMS Payroll in Oracle Apps Flow

This is valid only when the core HRMS module has already been set up. The things that we are going to see are

  • Elements
  • Salary Basis
  • Mode of Payment
  • Payroll


Your Salary is Fixed + Variables + Others = Gross CTC

In this you will have a Fixed Earnings that is your fixed salary, Basic, HRA and you will also have fixed Deductions like PFA etc. The Variables is something that you will get temporarily it is not fixed like Bonus((Earnings)you will get once or twice), LOP(Loss of Pay Deductions for a particular period).

In Oracle apps we to calculate the Salary so we need the details of their Position, Job, Grade Depending of employer. Depending on this we fix the salary according to grade wise

So in order to calculate the payroll we need the Assignments in oracle apps to be filled which is a mandatory. This Assignment tab consists of some useful information regarding the Salary such as Grade Job, Organization People

General introduction regarding the HRMS for payroll

Employees details will be in the People which contains the employee details whether he is hired of Applicant or Employment.

The Navigation is

Global HRMS Manager → People → Enter and Maintain


Click on Assignment tab for the information like Position, Job, Grade, Salary Information, Supervisor




Now we will view the Payroll part in Oracle Apps



The first thing to have payroll is to have Elements.

Go to the Navigation

Global HRMS → Total Compensation → Basic → Element Description


As in the above Image we see there are three things important

1. Classification → This is important as this decides that it is going to be a Earning or Deductions

Here on seeing the important is

Earnings, Voluntary Deductions, Involuntary Deductions

Earnings is known that what we earned, Voluntary Deductions are that when we apply for a loan from salary it gets deducted so this is voluntary and Involuntary is something like the PFA or service charges

2. Type

This is Important because we declare something to be Recurring is that it adds all the time on every month. Whereas Nonrecurring just occurs one or for the defined period

3.Input Values

Input Values Defines that do you want in Money or in Number. Just consider the situation if I want to give compensation for over time I can give it as in Number of Days so I choose number or compensation as money.


After creating an element we have to create a Elements link


This you have to link to the payroll in order to get it Integerated. Here select the element name and select the Eligiblity criteria. Now image when you attach this element you have created Imaging you have created a Earning which is possible above the Grade 4 level. So the Element name has to set to the valid grades. You can also select which costing has to go for financial purposes.

Salary Basis



Here you can select the salary which is month wise or date wise or hour wise. Just imagine you have a company and recruited a person with 250000 per anum. So for permanent employee you give for monthly wise and for a contract employee you give it weekly. So you will select on what basis you will give the salary.

Mode Of Payment (Payment Method)

Go to the Navigation

Global HRMS → Payroll → Payment Methods


A company will give their salary by bank account or by check or some by cash. When we define that we will pay their payment the a method it gets registered. We can also fill some details like the bank details and others.


Now to View the Payroll Just click the Description to have a full description.

Here we can see that we have many payment methods on clicking Valid Payment Methods and we can set default.


Now Just go to the Navigation is

Global HRMS Manager → People → Enter and Maintain


Now you can Click on Enter and Maintain and then click Assignment and here you can see that this person can have different payroll and the salary basis. On clicking the Entries Tab you will be able to see the entries you have entered in the screen


Now to process this Functional people will have Fast formula to define how the payroll should be integrated and they have the payment logic in this Fast formula. After running the fast formula we will be able to see the Formula results.

Navigation is

Global HRMS Manager → Total Compensation → Basic → Write Formula and Formula results

After Defining the Fast formulas now we have to run the concurrent for processing payroll

The concurrent will be Payroll Run or Quick Pay

Thank you for Reading

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