C42 Launchpad Intensive 8 weeks software apprenticeship program


We are launching an intensive 8 weeks software apprenticeship program.
Who is it for?

– Programmers who are looking to up their game and get a better job
– Programmers who want to enter the Ruby ecosystem

About Launchpad

*Learn by doing*

C42 Launchpad is not a classroom training, it’s an intensive workshop. You
will learn various concepts by building actual, working software.


C42 Launchpad covers a lot of topics in a short timeframe and is very
demanding. You will have to work hard to keep up with the pace.


C42 Launchpad is an eight weeks full-time course (8 hours a day, 5 days a

*Language Agnostic*

While C42 Launchpad is delivered in Ruby, these programming practices are
applicable for any language or platform.
What will you learn?

C42 Launchpad was designed based on what top technology firms look for in
potential hires. Here is a rough outline of the concepts we will cover:


– Understand what constitutes a clean, maintainable codebase
– Object Oriented Programming, concepts and beyond
– Design patterns and anti-patterns
– Ruby and Rails
– Test driven development
– Git
– Javascript – language and frameworks
– OOP in Javascript

*Soft Skills*

– Pair Programming
– Collaboration
– Agile development methodology
– Giving and receiving feedback
– Presentations and mentoring


If you are interested in attending the Launchpad program or have any
questions, drop me a note at launchpad@c42.in.



Source From Ilugc(Indian Linux User group chennai)


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