Error on report Builder (Unable to Connect to the specifed Database, ORA-12541: TNS: no listener)

Unable to Connect to the specifed Database
ORA-12541: TNS: no listener


You may get this problem due to the TNS listener not entered or a wrong user name, password, database or Incorrect Database name

For TNS names Entry
Get the TNS entry in the tnsnames file.

Go to the location C:\DevSuiteHome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN\tnsnames.ora (check your location where DevSuiteHome is installed)

If there is not a file named tnsnames.ora create a file and that should be inside DevSuiteHome.

This DevSuiteHome that where your Oracle k2k gets installed .

You can refer to the sample file(tnsnames.ora ) in sample folder for reference.

Below is the format where

TEST → Database

Hostname → Hostname has to be given(IP address or Host address)

1523 → Port number






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