Key Flexfields and related tables in Oracle EBS

Here are the different key flexfields in Oracle EBS and related tables information to store KFF Data Information,

Accounting Flexfield                                                                    GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS
Asset Category Flexfield                                                             FA_CATEGORIES_B
Asset Key Flexfield                                                                        FA_ASSET_KEYWORDS
Location Flexfield                                                                          FA_LOCATIONS
Oracle Inventory Item Flexfield                                             MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_B
Territory Flexfield                                                                        RA_TERRITORIES
Sales Tax Location Flexfield                                                     AR_LOCATION_COMBINATIONS
Item Categories                                                                               MTL_CATEGORIES_B
Account Aliases                                                                              MTL_GENERIC_DISPOSITIONS
Item Catalogs                                                                                   MTL_ITEM_CATALOG_GROUPS
Sales Orders                                                                                      MTL_SALES_ORDERS
Stock Locators                                                                                MTL_ITEM_LOCATIONS
Grade Flexfield                                                                               PER_GRADE_DEFINITIONS
Job Flexfield                                                                                    PER_JOB_DEFINITIONS
Personal Analysis Flexfield                                                       PER_ANALYSIS_CRITERIA
Position Flexfield                                                                           PER_POSITION_DEFINITIONS
Soft Coded Key Flexfield                                                            HR_SOFT_CODING_KEYFLEX
Bank Details Key FlexField                                                        PAY_EXTERNAL_ACCOUNTS
Cost Allocation Flexfield                                                             PAY_COST_ALLOCATION_KEYFLEX
People Group Flexfield                                                                PAY_PEOPLE_GROUPS

Here are few important frequently asked questions on KFFs and DFFs useful for Oracle EBS Beginners and Developers,

Does Every Key Flexfield Always Have a Dedicated Table?

Yes. Every key flexfield has a table dedicated to store the unique combination for a group of fields. For the GL accounting key flexfield, there is a table named GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS. Another example is grades in Oracle Human Resources. An HR grade can be defined as a combination of, say, Clerk + Senior or Clerk + Junior. These combinations will be stored in the PER_GRADES table.

Do All the Tables That Are Used for Storing Key Flexfields have Columns Named SEGMENT1, SEGMENT2…SEGMENTX?

Yes. It is a standard practice used by Oracle to give generic names like SEGMENT1, SEGMENT2…SEGMENTX to these columns. These segment columns are generic columns so that each E-Business Suite customer can reference them by whatever name he or she likes and by giving the desired prompt name to the key flexfield segment.

Does Oracle Deliver Key Flexfields out of the Box?

Oracle delivers many KFFs out of the box, but you will have to configure their segments as per business needs. You can also create new KFFs in Oracle EBS.

What Are the Steps for Configuring a Key Flexfield?

Navigate to the Application Developer responsibility:

Flexfield >> Key >> Register

In this screen, you can get the title of the flexfield against a table name. Next, navigate to the KeyFlexfield segments screen (Flexfield | Key |Segments) and query using the flexfield title. In the KFF Segments screen, the desired segments can be configured in a manner similar to that for descriptive flexfields.

What Are Cross Validation Rules (CVRs)?

Cross validation rules (CVRs) are used to prevent the creation of invalid segment combinations. For example, a Location key flexfield can have two structures, say one for each country, the U.K. and the U.S. For the U.S. flexfield structure, you can define a cross validation rule that excludes COUNTY=NY and CITY=ABERDEEN. At the time of defining cross validation rules, you also specify the accompanying error message that the end user will receive if he or she uses the wrong combination of values in segments. Whenever any component of the Oracle EBS attempts to create a new segment combination, the flexfield engine checks all the cross validation rules against that KFF structure to ensure that the combination is valid. If the combination fails to pass a rule, the error message associated with that rule is displayed to the end user. CVRs are applied to all users in Oracle EBS, but they are not applied to existing combinations.



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