OAF Page Personalizations – read only issue

I just came across this problem when my collegue got this OAF Read Only Issue.

Read only OAF page

Read only OAF page

It’s frustrating sometimes, to deal with context specific issues with page personalizations. For example, not all field properties are allowed to personalize in all the contexts. This article describes one such issues of page personalizations become read-only and how to change it back to normal mode.


Have you also witnessed any such case? Page personalizations become read-only, when trying to edit. Above screenshot shows the personalize page for employee self service -> personal information self service page. Notice that, none of the page options are allowed to change and because of this issue none of existing personalizations take effect.

Well, the problem is because of the following option that is enabled in the XML MDS document of the page definition. Export page definition or XMLExporter command to see the page XML definition.


developerMode=”true” – One of the reasons for this string could be because of the profile option FND_PERSONALIZATION_SEEDING_MODE is set to Yes, last time when it was personalized.

Now we know where the problem is, solving it is piece of cake. 🙂 Export the page definition using functional administrator, edit the XML to remove this string and import it back. Needless to say, while importing back the modified XML, make sure to set the profile option FND_PERSONALIZATION_SEEDING_MODE is set to No.

Following screenshots show how the page XML looks like after editing and page becomes editable after import.

remove developerMode



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