GL Journal Approval in Oracle apps

Journal Approval is a feature in General Ledger to send journals for approval to appropriate management before those can be posted. Journal approval uses Oracle workflow to control and monitor the approval process. Before using this feature, it must be enabled for the set of books.
Below are the setup steps.

Step 1: Enable Journal approval on the Set of Book level

Responsibility: General Ledger SuperUser
Navigation: Setup > Financials > Books > Define
Create the Set of Books

Go to Journalling tab

Check the box, Journal Approval. Save and close the form.

Step 2: Enable Journal approval on the Journal Source level

Responsibility: General Ledger SuperUser
Navigation: Setup > Journal > Sources

Check the box, Require Journal Approval, on the sources for which the journals have to be approved before those are posted.

Step 3: Create employees

For a shared HRMS installation
Responsibility: General Ledger SuperUser
Navigation: Setup > Employees > Enter
Since I have a full Oracle HRMS installation I cannot give you the screenshot of this form as it gives me an error on opening.
For a full HRMS installation
Responsibility: HRMS Manager/SuperUser
Navigation: People > Enter and Maintain

Create the employees who have to be in the approval hierarchy.

Step 4: Set authorization limits

Responsibility: General Ledger SuperUser
Navigation: Setup > Employees > Limits

Enter the employees in the hierarchy and set their limits.

Step 5: Set the profile options

The values of the following profile options will be set

Profile Option Name Meaning
Journals: Allow Preparer Approval Determines whether journal preparers can approve their own journals
Journals: Find Approver Method The default method to identify the approverThe methods are:

  1. Go Direct
  2. Go Up Management Chain
  3. One Stop Then Go Direct

Journals: Allow Preparer Approval

Journals: Find Approver Method

Options for this profile option


Step 6: Check the Journal Approval workflow

Open Workflow Builder and connect to the APPS database. Open the workflow named, Journal Batch.

Check the process named, GL Journal Approval Process.

This is the process in which the Journal will be approved.
The procedures and functions that are called from the workflow are located in the database package named, GL_WF_JE_APPROVAL_PKG. It does not contain the customizable procedures.
The customizable procedures are grouped together in another package, GL_WF_CUSTOMIZATION_PKG. There are 4 procedures in this package and can be modified as per your requirement as per Oracle. These procedures are referred to by the following workflow functions,

  • Customizable: Is Journal Batch Valid?
  • Customizable: Does Journal Batch Need Approval?
  • Customizable: Is Preparer Authorized to Approve?
  • Customizable: Verify Authority

Additionally Oracle allows modification/customization of the process named, Customizable: Verify Authority Process.

Oracle has defined the barebones of this process

You can add your own logic as per the business requirement.
After completing all these steps you are all set to use Journal approval process in Oracle. You can test the approval functionality as shown in Steps 3 & 4 in this article.



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