No Approver found in GL Workflow

Sometimes there will be Issue like Jounal approver is not found or the workflow fails like No Approver found so as given by oracle in Doc ID 415875.1.

This usually happens due to incorrect or incomplete setup (please review Note 161382.1).

In this example, the workflow failed originally because the journal preparer’s supervisor did not have an employee name assigned to the user.
Depending on the case, the corrected data must be entered in the steps below:

  1. Select the ‘Workflow Administrator’ responsibility.
    Note that the Workflow Administrator Role must be assigned to the User or Responsibility that is doing this. See Note 371792.1: Basic Setup To View Workflows and Notifications Owned by other Users: Workflow Administrator.
  2. Open the ‘Status Monitor‘ screen (Administrator Workflow > Status Monitor)
  3. Query the workflow in the current context. To know the parameter values to use, please review Note 166367.1 How to Find the Workflow Details in General Ledger Journal Approval.
  4. Select the workflow with error from the list and open the ‘Activity History‘.
  5. Select the failed activity and click the ‘Update Attributes‘ button.
  6. Update the missing attributes of the failed activity, for example:
    – preparer id = employee id from the fnd_user table (-1 shows that an assignment was missing)
    – Approver Name = Preparer’s supervisor’s name (i.e.Person Name to be Attached for the supervisor User)
    – Approver Display Name = Preparer’s supervisor’s name (i.e.Person Name to be Attached for the supervisor User)
  7. Select the errored out activity and click on the ‘Rewind‘ button.
    Clicking on rewind button opens a page listing all the completed activities of this workflow and gives you a choice to select the activity from where the workflow should be rewound.
  8. Select the first activity of the workflow as the point from where it is to be rewound.
    A confirmation was received that the workflow was rewound .
  9. Requery the workflow to see the latest status.
    The notification must have been sent to the approver.



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