Invoices was not created from Sales order(Autoimport and AutoInvoices)

We are having a custom process from which Order numbers will be generated and then automatically Invoices will be created through AutoInvoice Process

Now the Invoices were not created for 1 week of records and again the invoices get started to get created.

After that for 1 week we tried to create Auto Invoice but the records were not taken as it has been already processed.

So we have taken the selected records from ra_interface_lines_all table and the we applied the below script

UPDATE ra_interface_lines_all
SET request_id = NULL,
customer_trx_id = NULL,
request_id = NULL,
link_to_line_id = NULL
WHERE interface_line_id IN
(SELECT interface_line_id
FROM ra_interface_lines_all
WHERE     trx_date >= TO_DATE (’01-SEP-2016′, ‘DD-MON-YYYY’)
AND interface_status IS NULL);

So this will remove the processed flags of the receivable interface data and show it as a fresh one so the AutoImport or AutoInvoice Program will again fetch the same records.



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