Query has exceeded 200 rows. Potentially more rows exists, please restrict your query.


This is the expected behavior. The application throws the warning message ‘Query has exceeded 200 rows. Potentially more rows exist, please restrict your query.’ , when the process crosses the 200 row limit which is being set in profile

FND: View Object Max Fetch Size.
The profile FND: View Object Max Fetch Size can be changed to a higher value.  However, as per Oracle Applications guidelines increasing the value can have a performance impact.

1. Go into the responsibility: System Administrator (or equivalent).
2. Navigate to Profiles > Query the profile FND: View Object Max Fetch Size at Site, Application (Oracle Configurator)
and User Level
3.Change the value from 200 to a higher value (i.e. 250, 300 etc..).
4. Log out of the Application and back in.
5. Please retest the issue.
6. If the issue is resolved, please migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.

Also you can check the profile option that has been already set using the below query


select substr(e.profile_option_name,1,25) Profile,decode(a.level_id,10001,’Site’,10002,’Application’,10003,’Resp’,10004,’User’) L,
decode(a.level_id,10001,’Site’,10002,c.application_short_name,10003,b.responsibility_name,10004,d.user_name) LValue,nvl(a.profile_option_value,’Is Null’) Value
from fnd_profile_option_values a, fnd_responsibility_tl b, fnd_application c,fnd_user d, fnd_profile_options e
where e.profile_option_name in (‘VO_MAX_FETCH_SIZE’)
and e.profile_option_id = a.profile_option_id
and a.level_value = b.responsibility_id (+)
and a.level_value = c.application_id (+)
and a.level_value = d.user_id (+);


If you feel that due to personalization there is a problem you can disable personalization through the below profile option

Disable Self-Service Personal

Set the below profile option to “Yes” and then check.


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