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Bring your firefox 29 to classic look by installing classic Theme


A few days ago, the fine folks at Mozilla released Firefox version 29. The ridiculously high number itself is a result of their attempt to appear as on the ball as Google’s Chrome, which seems to release new versions just for sport. Anyway, this latest Firefox release was the first in a long long while to display any actual change in the user interface, again in an apparent attempt to keep up with Chrome. I’m not a fan of Chrome myself, and have always stayed with Firefox, largely due the Mozilla’s devotion to most of the principles of free and/or open source software. Nothing in particular against Google, but they do seem a bit nosy at times. The new interface for Firefox takes some getting used to. It’s not awful, but some buttons have changed and the tabs look different. Lots of folks seem to hate it. What we’re gonna do here is guide you through the easy process of returning Firefox to its previous user interface in appearance.

It’s pretty simple really. One add-on and you’re in business. Even if you like the new changes, this add-on is handy as it gives you additional things to tweak. The add-on is called Classic Theme Restorer (get it here), and will get your Firefox back to looking like what you’re used to and not like the Chrome wannabe its new appearance implies. Just download it, maybe play with a few settings, and Bob’s your uncle, as they say. I’m not gonna go to the trouble of doing before and after screen-shots, a step by step sequence of what settings to fiddle with, or any of that malarkey, mainly because it’s too much work and you’ll be able to see for yourself what’s changed and what changes back when you install the add-on. It’s really really simple to figure out what to do, and most of it gets done just by installing it. I’ve settled on a blend of features from both new and old, keeping mainly the new curved tabs from the new “Australis” theme, while changing a few things back to the old way. Lots of stuff to play with in the settings here. Have fun.

I’ll take an additional moment here to once more beat the drum for Linux and free software in general, of which Firefox is a great and probably the most popular example. I did a piece a while back on Linux, but to sum up, it’s easy to use, more secure, infinitely configurable, does everything the average user needs to do, is available in an astonishing number of flavors, and best of all, is completely free in (in many cases) every possible sense of the word. Freedom is good. Don’t let the Microsofts and the Apples fool you. Don’t be an insecure sheep. Give it a try. Or at least look into using some of the many great free/open source software products available for all platforms. Some of my favorites include VLC, which is a great player of almost any kind of media you can imagine, the GIMP, which does a lot of what Photoshop does and more, Clementine, an easy to use and lightweight music player/library program (among other things, it handles all 103,000 of my music files), FBReader, which will read almost any kind of e-book format, and of course LibreOffice, a full featured MS Office replacement that is quite compatible for most everyday uses. These are all completely free in every sense of the word, the most important being the freedom thing. The no money thing is nice too.




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SEO Search Engine Optimization

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What is Search Engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your site a higher rank in the search engine listing. This optimization is done so as to increase the site traffic and increase the number of visitors to your website. A customized Search Engine Optimization Services can increases the website’s exposure across all major search engines.

Conditional functions in PHP


$makefoo = true;

/* We can’t call foo() from here
since it doesn’t exist yet,
but we can call bar() */


if ($makefoo) {
echo “First “;
function foo()
echo “I don’t exist until program execution reaches me.\n”;
echo “Second “;

/* Now we can safely call foo()
since $makefoo evaluated to true */

if ($makefoo) foo();
function bar()
echo “I exist immediately upon program start.\n”;


Check and execute this program and try to modify

Execution steps

First we make the $makefoo as true. and now the function bar(); is called so now this executes the script in bar

Next the execution comes to the if statement on  if ($makefoo) foo(); now this makefoo is true it directly executes the first and second statements . Now the exection comes to the if statement On executing this foo function the condition is true so then the script is and the output comes like this

I exist immediately upon program start. First Second I don’t exist until program execution reaches me.

Note: Also check with foo(); function on top and execute what happens and why it happens

WordPress Database Functions

The WordPress database class is quite extensive and provides a range of methods to work effectively with the database and thereby use the WordPress standard.

You can find the class in /wp-includes/wp-db.php where the individual methods are documented.
I show the most important ones and give some small examples. It is important to work with these opportunities to ensure the safety of Plugins.
For the following four methods I created some syntax examples.

  • insert($table, $data, $format) — insert a row into a table via arrays.
  • update($table, $data, $where, $format, $where_format) — update a row in a table via arrays.
  • get_var($query, $x, $y) — retrieve a single variable from the database.
  • query($query) — perform a MySQL database query with current connection
  • get_results($query, $output) — retrieve SQL result set from database… one or more rows.
  • escape($data) — Escapes content for insertion into the database using addslashes(), for security

Also interesting are the methods below.

  • set_prefix($prefix) — used to set table prefix for WordPress tables, can be used to override prefix at any time
  • prepare($query) — safely prepares an SQL query for execution with sprintf()-like syntax.
  • get_row($query, $output, $y) — retrieve a single row from the database.
  • get_col($query, $x) — retrieve a single column from the database in array format.
 * insert
$wpdb->insert( $wpdb->posts, array( 'post_title' => $mytitle ) );

$wpdb->insert( $wpdb->options, array(
            'option_value' => 'New Option Value',
            'autoload' => 'yes' )

 * update
$wpdb->update( $wpdb->posts, array( 'post_title' => $mytitle ),
            array( 'ID' => $myid )

$wpdb->update( $wpdb->options,
            array( 'option_value' => 'New Option Value' ),
            array( 'option_name' => 'new_option_value' )

 * get_var
$post_id = $wpdb->get_var(
            $wpdb->prepare( "SELECT post_id FROM
                    $wpdb->postmeta WHERE
                    post_id = %d AND
                    meta_key = 'enclosure' AND
                    meta_value LIKE (%s)", $post_ID, $url . '&' )

$content = $wpdb->get_var(
            $wpdb->prepare("SELECT post_content FROM " .
                    "$wpdb->posts WHERE " .
                    "post_title = %s AND " .
                    "ID = %d", $title, $id )

 * query
$wpdb->query( "DELETE FROM $wpdb->options WHERE option_name = '$name'" );

$wpdb->query( "UPDATE $wpdb->posts SET post_title = '$mytitle' WHERE ID = $myid" );

 * query and escape
$mytitle = $wpdb->escape( $mytitle );
$myid    = absint( $myid );
$wpdb->query( "UPDATE $wpdb->posts SET post_title = '$mytitle' WHERE ID = $myid" );

 * get_results
$type = $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT post_type FROM " .
                "$wpdb->posts WHERE ID=$id" );

Useful WordPress functions

I compiled a list of 15 useful WordPress Functions you probably don’t know. Some are simple and can be used by pretty much everyone; others have less common uses; but, all of them are incredibly useful.

WordPress Transient API

set_transient(), get_transient(), delete_transient()

This is a function set very similar to get_options() and update_options() which helps to easily store and retrieve data in your options database table. The big difference here is that you also pass a time parameter which acts as expiration date for the database entry.

Once the time has expired the data is removed. This is especially useful if you want to cache data or query results for a short amount of time. An example would be a twitter widget which retrieves data from the twitter api, but since twitter is down pretty often it would be wise to save that data for a few minutes. That also would speed up the site for subsqequent page requests since you don’t need to connect to an external API.

It works pretty easy: the function set_transient accepts 3 parameters:

set_transient($transient, $value, $expiration);

so saving a value to your database for an hour would look like this:

set_transient('the_name', $special_query_results, 60*60);

getting the value like this:

$value = get_transient('the_name');

WordPress “Cron Jobs”

wp_schedule_event(time(), 'hourly', 'my_schedule_hook');

Schedules a hook which will be executed by the WordPress actions core on a specific interval, specified by you. The action will trigger when someone visits your WordPress site, if the scheduled time has passed.

So if you want to execute some code on a regular base, like checking an RSS Feed, doing a database backup or reseting database values this function will do it for you. Unfortunatley its not as easy to use as transient but here is a short article on how it is done:

WordPress HTTP API

wp_remote_get( $url, $args = array() );

An easy to use function if you want to retrieve the content of a Webpage. The function stores the result within an easily accessible array. Not only do you get the result content of the webpage, you also get header informations and response codes. This function is also capable of retrieving feed content which also makes it useful if you want to create a twitter plugin or an rss reader with wordpress.

Easily Fetch an RSS Feed with WordPress

$feed = fetch_feed( $uri );

fetch_feed is another simple wordpress method to get feed content. It also has the added benefit that it uses the SimplePie and FeedCache functionality for retrieval and parsing and automatic caching.

WordPress mail function

wp_mail( $to, $subject, $message, $headers, $attachments );
$to = '';
$subject = 'Hello Egis!';
$message = 'This message was sent by wordpress'
$mail = wp_mail($to, $subject, $message);
if($mail) echo 'Mail delivered';

An incredible useful and exceptional easy to use function that also allows you to send headers and attachments, allows plain text sending and html messages and quite a few other options!

WordPress Human Time

human_time_diff( $from, $to )

A feature to mimic twitter like time display. Instead of outputting the time in a basic format you can display it like this:

Kriesi posted 13 hours ago

WordPress get comments


Sometimes its neccessary to retrieve the comments outside of the comments loop like I did with the Avia Feedback Box Plugin, where comments are displayed via ajax. This function helps you in doing so

WordPress validation of strings

wp_kses($string, $allowed_html, $allowed_protocols);

wp_kses is a very usefull function when it comes to sanitizing untrusted user input. This function makes sure that only the allowed HTML element names, attribute names and attribute values plus only sane HTML entities will occur in $string.

WordPress text transformation


A text transformation function that converts commonly used strings into the typographical correct signs. Used for dashes, ellipsis etc and will also add typograpic quotes to certain phrases.


The last text transformation tool on the list is used by wordpress to ad <p> tags to a string by replacing double <br/> tags

WordPress Shortcode API

add_shortcode(), do_shortcode()

add_shortcode() is an easy way to create macros for your post content. for example lets say you want to wrap some content inside the post area within a div with some additional classes and ids that allows you to create multiple columns. you could of course just switch to the html editor and enter

<div class='one_third'>Content goes here</div>

Easier and more convenient especially if you are dealing with customers who dont know html would be a shortcode solution within your functions.php file:

function column_shortcode( $atts, $content = null ) {
   return '<div class='one_third>' . $content . '</div>';
add_shortcode('one_third_column', 'column_shortcode');

You could then use this shortcode in your post content:

[one_third_column]Content goes here[/one_third_column]

If you would like to nest shortcodes within each other you would need to make sure to add the do_shortcode method to your function like this:

column_shortcode( $atts, $content = null ) {
   return '<div class='one_third>' . do_shortcode($content) . '</div>';

Create WordPress post with a php function:


This function inserts posts pages and custom post types in the database. It sanitizes variables, does some checks, fills in missing variables like date/time, etc. very handy when you need to create and insert posts by user input. This function fits perfectly if you have a front end form for example and users can suggest posts.

Create WordPress comment with a php function:


Similar to wp_insert_posts this function inserts a comment. Might also come in handy

WordPress Object Cache:

wp_cache_add(),  wp_cache_set(),  wp_cache_get(),  wp_cache_delete, wp_cache_replace(), wp_cache_flush

WP_Object_Cache is WordPress’ class for caching data which may be computationally expensive to regenerate, such as the result of complex database queries. If you care for theme and plugin performance you should definitley read the wordpress codex entry for this topic!

Kill wordpress execution:


An appropriate end for this post: the wp_die function

wp_die kills the WordPress execution and display HTML message with error message.

A call to this function complements the die() PHP function. The difference is that HTML will be displayed to the user. It is recommended to use this function only when the execution should not continue any further.

Tamil textbox coding

In this post I have checked and verified the code for tamil typing text box…. Just try below is the  code and steps are ready for you……

Step : 1   Create a two text boxes in a html file one for typing and another for displaying.

Step : 2    Now try to add action on clicking a button and also by typing.

Step : 3    Now create a javascript file, I have named it as convuni.js.

Step : 4    Include the keyboard keys that to be taken in tamil by the javascript file.

Step : 5    Now merge the html code with your javascript code in order to take the effect.

This is the HTML file

<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″>
<script language=”JavaScript” src=”convuni.js” type=”text/JavaScript”></script>
<script language=”javascript”>
function chkText(){
var bSubmit = true;
if ((document.findkural.find.value.length == 0))
alert(‘தேடல் பதத்தை கொடுக்கவும்’);
bSubmit = false;


<table align=”center”>
<form action=”kural.php” method=”post” name=”findkural”>
<td class=”tamil-body”>சொல்</td>
<td><input type=”text” name=”find_e” value=”Type in English” onKeyUp=”startText(this,document.findkural.find);” onClick=”if(this.value==’Type in English’) this.value=”;” onBlur=”if(this.value==”) this.value=’Type in English’;”/></td>
<td><input type=”text” name=”find” value=””/></td>
<td><input type=”button” class=”tamil-body” onClick = “javascript:chkText()” value=”தேடுக!”/></td>


The javascript file is shown below

var convuni;
function startText(english, tamil) {

convuni = english.value;

convuni = convuni.replace(/njau/g, “ஞௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njai/g, “ஞை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njee/g, “ஞே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njoo/g, “ஞோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njaa/g, “ஞா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njuu/g, “ஞூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njii/g, “ஞீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nja/g, “ஞ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nji/g, “ஞி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njI/g, “ஞீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njA/g, “ஞா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nje/g, “ஞெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njE/g, “ஞே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njo/g, “ஞொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njO/g, “ஞோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nju/g, “ஞு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/njU/g, “ஞூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/nj/g, “ஞ்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/ngau/g, “ஙௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngai/g, “ஙை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngee/g, “ஙே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngoo/g, “ஙோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngaa/g, “ஙா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nguu/g, “ஙூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngii/g, “ஙீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nga/g, “ங”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngi/g, “ஙி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngI/g, “ஙீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngA/g, “ஙா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nge/g, “ஙெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngE/g, “ஙே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngo/g, “ஙொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngO/g, “ஙோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngu/g, “ஙு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ngU/g, “ஙூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/ng/g, “ங்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/shau/g, “ஷௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shai/g, “ஷை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shee/g, “ஷே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shoo/g, “ஷோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shaa/g, “ஷா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shuu/g, “ஷூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shii/g, “ஷீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/sha/g, “ஷ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shi/g, “ஷி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shI/g, “ஷீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shA/g, “ஷா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/she/g, “ஷெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shE/g, “ஷே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/sho/g, “ஷொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shO/g, “ஷோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shu/g, “ஷு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/shU/g, “ஷூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/sh/g, “ஷ்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/ nau/g, ” நௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ nai/g, ” நை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ nee/g, ” நே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ noo/g, ” நோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ naa/g, ” நா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ nuu/g, ” நூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ nii/g, ” நீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ na/g, ” ந”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ ni/g, ” நி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ nI/g, ” நீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ nA/g, ” நா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ ne/g, ” நெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ nE/g, ” நே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ no/g, ” நொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ nO/g, ” நோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ nu/g, ” நு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ nU/g, ” நூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/ nth/g, ” ந்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-nau/g, “நௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-nai/g, “நை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-nee/g, “நே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-noo/g, “நோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-naa/g, “நா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-nuu/g, “நூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-nii/g, “நீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-na/g, “ந”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-ni/g, “நி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-nI/g, “நீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-nA/g, “நா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-ne/g, “நெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-nE/g, “நே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-no/g, “நொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-nO/g, “நோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-nu/g, “நு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-nU/g, “நூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/n-au/g, “நௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-ai/g, “நை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-ee/g, “நே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-oo/g, “நோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-aa/g, “நா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-uu/g, “நூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-ii/g, “நீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-a/g, “ந”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-i/g, “நி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-I/g, “நீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-A/g, “நா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-e/g, “நெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-E/g, “நே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-o/g, “நொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-O/g, “நோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-u/g, “நு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-U/g, “நூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/wau/g, “நௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wai/g, “நை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wee/g, “நே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/woo/g, “நோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/waa/g, “நா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wuu/g, “நூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wii/g, “நீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wa/g, “ந”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wi/g, “நி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wI/g, “நீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wA/g, “நா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/we/g, “நெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wE/g, “நே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wo/g, “நொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wO/g, “நோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wu/g, “நு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/wU/g, “நூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/ n/g, ” ந்”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/n-/g, “ந்”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-n/g, “ந்”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/w/g, “ந்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/nthau/g, “ந்தௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthai/g, “ந்தை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthee/g, “ந்தே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthoo/g, “ந்தோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthaa/g, “ந்தா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthuu/g, “ந்தூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthii/g, “ந்தீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ntha/g, “ந்த”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthi/g, “ந்தி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthI/g, “ந்தீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthA/g, “ந்தா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthe/g, “ந்தெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthE/g, “ந்தே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ntho/g, “ந்தொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthO/g, “ந்தோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthu/g, “ந்து”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nthU/g, “ந்தூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nth/g, “ந்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/dhau/g, “தௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhai/g, “தை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhee/g, “தே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhoo/g, “தோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhaa/g, “தா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhuu/g, “தூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhii/g, “தீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dha/g, “த”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhi/g, “தி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhI/g, “தீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhA/g, “தா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhe/g, “தெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhE/g, “தே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dho/g, “தொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhO/g, “தோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhu/g, “து”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dhU/g, “தூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/dh/g, “த்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/chau/g, “சௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chai/g, “சை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chee/g, “சே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/choo/g, “சோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chaa/g, “சா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chuu/g, “சூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chii/g, “சீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cha/g, “ச”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chi/g, “சி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chI/g, “சீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chA/g, “சா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/che/g, “செ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chE/g, “சே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cho/g, “சொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chO/g, “சோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chu/g, “சு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/chU/g, “சூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/ch/g, “ச்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/zhau/g, “ழௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhai/g, “ழை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhee/g, “ழே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhoo/g, “ழோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhaa/g, “ழா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhuu/g, “ழூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhii/g, “ழீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zha/g, “ழ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhi/g, “ழி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhI/g, “ழீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhA/g, “ழா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhe/g, “ழெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhE/g, “ழே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zho/g, “ழொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhO/g, “ழோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhu/g, “ழு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zhU/g, “ழூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/zh/g, “ழ்”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zau/g, “ழௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zai/g, “ழை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zee/g, “ழே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zoo/g, “ழோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zaa/g, “ழா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zuu/g, “ழூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zii/g, “ழீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/za/g, “ழ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zi/g, “ழி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zI/g, “ழீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zA/g, “ழா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ze/g, “ழெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zE/g, “ழே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zo/g, “ழொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zO/g, “ழோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zu/g, “ழு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/zU/g, “ழூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/z/g, “ழ்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/jau/g, “ஜௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/jai/g, “ஜை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/jee/g, “ஜே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/joo/g, “ஜோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/jaa/g, “ஜா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/juu/g, “ஜூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/jii/g, “ஜீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ja/g, “ஜ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ji/g, “ஜி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/jI/g, “ஜீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/jA/g, “ஜா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/je/g, “ஜெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/jE/g, “ஜே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/jo/g, “ஜொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/jO/g, “ஜோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ju/g, “ஜு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/jU/g, “ஜூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/j/g, “ஜ்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/thau/g, “தௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thai/g, “தை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thee/g, “தே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thoo/g, “தோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thaa/g, “தா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thuu/g, “தூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thii/g, “தீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tha/g, “த”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thi/g, “தி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thI/g, “தீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thA/g, “தா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/the/g, “தெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thE/g, “தே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tho/g, “தொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thO/g, “தோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thu/g, “து”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/thU/g, “தூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/th/g, “த்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-hau/g, “ஹௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-hai/g, “ஹை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-hee/g, “ஹே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-hoo/g, “ஹோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-haa/g, “ஹா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-huu/g, “ஹூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-hii/g, “ஹீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-ha/g, “ஹ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-hi/g, “ஹி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-hI/g, “ஹீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-hA/g, “ஹா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-he/g, “ஹெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-hE/g, “ஹே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-ho/g, “ஹொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-hO/g, “ஹோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-hu/g, “ஹு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-hU/g, “ஹூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-h/g, “ஹ்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/hau/g, “ஹௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/hai/g, “ஹை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/hee/g, “ஹே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/hoo/g, “ஹோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/haa/g, “ஹா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/huu/g, “ஹூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/hii/g, “ஹீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ha/g, “ஹ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/hi/g, “ஹி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/hI/g, “ஹீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/hA/g, “ஹா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/he/g, “ஹெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/hE/g, “ஹே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ho/g, “ஹொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/hO/g, “ஹோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/hu/g, “ஹு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/hU/g, “ஹூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/h/g, “ஹ்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/kau/g, “கௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/kai/g, “கை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/kee/g, “கே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/koo/g, “கோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/kaa/g, “கா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/kuu/g, “கூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/kii/g, “கீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ka/g, “க”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ki/g, “கி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/kI/g, “கீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/kA/g, “கா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ke/g, “கெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/kE/g, “கே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ko/g, “கொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/kO/g, “கோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ku/g, “கு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/kU/g, “கூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/k/g, “க்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/sri/g, “Srii”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/sr/g, “Srii”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-sau/g, “ஸௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-sai/g, “ஸை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-see/g, “ஸே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-soo/g, “ஸோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-saa/g, “ஸா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-suu/g, “ஸூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-sii/g, “ஸீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-sa/g, “ஸ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-si/g, “ஸி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-sI/g, “ஸீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-sA/g, “ஸா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-se/g, “ஸெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-sE/g, “ஸே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-so/g, “ஸொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-sO/g, “ஸோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-su/g, “ஸு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-sU/g, “ஸூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-s/g, “ஸ்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/Sau/g, “ஸௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Sai/g, “ஸை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/See/g, “ஸே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Soo/g, “ஸோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Saa/g, “ஸா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Suu/g, “ஸூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Sii/g, “ஸீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Sa/g, “ஸ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Si/g, “ஸி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/SI/g, “ஸீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/SA/g, “ஸா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Se/g, “ஸெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/SE/g, “ஸே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/So/g, “ஸொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/SO/g, “ஸோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Su/g, “ஸு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/SU/g, “ஸூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/S/g, “ஸ்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/rau/g, “ரௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/rai/g, “ரை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ree/g, “ரே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/roo/g, “ரோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/raa/g, “ரா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ruu/g, “ரூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/rii/g, “ரீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ra/g, “ர”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ri/g, “ரி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/rI/g, “ரீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/rA/g, “ரா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/re/g, “ரெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/rE/g, “ரே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ro/g, “ரொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/rO/g, “ரோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ru/g, “ரு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/rU/g, “ரூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/r/g, “ர்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/Rau/g, “றௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Rai/g, “றை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Ree/g, “றே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Roo/g, “றோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Raa/g, “றா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Ruu/g, “றூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Rii/g, “றீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Ra/g, “ற”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Ri/g, “றி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/RI/g, “றீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/RA/g, “றா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Re/g, “றெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/RE/g, “றே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Ro/g, “றொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/RO/g, “றோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Ru/g, “று”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/RU/g, “றூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/R/g, “ற்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/tau/g, “டௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tai/g, “டை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tee/g, “டே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/too/g, “டோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/taa/g, “டா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tuu/g, “டூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tii/g, “டீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ta/g, “ட”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ti/g, “டி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tI/g, “டீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tA/g, “டா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/te/g, “டெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tE/g, “டே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/to/g, “டொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tO/g, “டோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tu/g, “டு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/tU/g, “டூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/t/g, “ட்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/sau/g, “சௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/sai/g, “சை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/see/g, “சே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/soo/g, “சோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/saa/g, “சா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/suu/g, “சூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/sii/g, “சீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/sa/g, “ச”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/si/g, “சி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/sI/g, “சீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/sA/g, “சா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/se/g, “செ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/sE/g, “சே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/so/g, “சொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/sO/g, “சோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/su/g, “சு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/sU/g, “சூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/s/g, “ச்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/cau/g, “சௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cai/g, “சை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cee/g, “சே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/coo/g, “சோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/caa/g, “சா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cuu/g, “சூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cii/g, “சீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ca/g, “ச”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ci/g, “சி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cI/g, “சீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cA/g, “சா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ce/g, “செ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cE/g, “சே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/co/g, “சொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cO/g, “சோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cu/g, “சு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/cU/g, “சூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/c/g, “ச்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/pau/g, “பௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pai/g, “பை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pee/g, “பே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/poo/g, “போ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/paa/g, “பா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/puu/g, “பூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pii/g, “பீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pa/g, “ப”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pi/g, “பி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pI/g, “பீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pA/g, “பா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pe/g, “பெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pE/g, “பே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/po/g, “பொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pO/g, “போ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pu/g, “பு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/pU/g, “பூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/p/g, “ப்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/bau/g, “பௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/bai/g, “பை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/bee/g, “பே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/boo/g, “போ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/baa/g, “பா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/buu/g, “பூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/bii/g, “பீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ba/g, “ப”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/bi/g, “பி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/bI/g, “பீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/bA/g, “பா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/be/g, “பெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/bE/g, “பே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/bo/g, “பொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/bO/g, “போ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/bu/g, “பு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/bU/g, “பூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/b/g, “ப்”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mau/g, “மௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mai/g, “மை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mee/g, “மே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/moo/g, “மோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/maa/g, “மா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/muu/g, “மூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mii/g, “மீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ma/g, “ம”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mi/g, “மி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mI/g, “மீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mA/g, “மா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/me/g, “மெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mE/g, “மே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mo/g, “மொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mO/g, “மோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mu/g, “மு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/mU/g, “மூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/m/g, “ம்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/yau/g, “யௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yai/g, “யை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yee/g, “யே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yoo/g, “யோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yaa/g, “யா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yuu/g, “யூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yii/g, “யீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ya/g, “ய”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yi/g, “யி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yI/g, “யீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yA/g, “யா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ye/g, “யெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yE/g, “யே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yo/g, “யொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yO/g, “யோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yu/g, “யு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/yU/g, “யூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/y/g, “ய்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/dau/g, “டௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dai/g, “டை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dee/g, “டே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/doo/g, “டோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/daa/g, “டா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/duu/g, “டூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dii/g, “டீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/da/g, “ட”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/di/g, “டி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dI/g, “டீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dA/g, “டா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/de/g, “டெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dE/g, “டே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/do/g, “டொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dO/g, “டோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/du/g, “டு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/dU/g, “டூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/d/g, “ட்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/nau/g, “னௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nai/g, “னை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nee/g, “னே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/noo/g, “னோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/naa/g, “னா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nuu/g, “னூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nii/g, “னீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/na/g, “ன”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ni/g, “னி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nI/g, “னீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nA/g, “னா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ne/g, “னெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nE/g, “னே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/no/g, “னொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nO/g, “னோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nu/g, “னு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/nU/g, “னூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/n/g, “ன்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/Nau/g, “ணௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Nai/g, “ணை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Nee/g, “ணே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Noo/g, “ணோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Naa/g, “ணா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Nuu/g, “ணூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Nii/g, “ணீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Na/g, “ண”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Ni/g, “ணி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/NI/g, “ணீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/NA/g, “ணா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Ne/g, “ணெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/NE/g, “ணே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/No/g, “ணொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/NO/g, “ணோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Nu/g, “ணு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/NU/g, “ணூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/N/g, “ண்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/lau/g, “லௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/lai/g, “லை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/lee/g, “லே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/loo/g, “லோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/laa/g, “லா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/luu/g, “லூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/lii/g, “லீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/la/g, “ல”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/li/g, “லி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/lI/g, “லீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/lA/g, “லா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/le/g, “லெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/lE/g, “லே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/lo/g, “லொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/lO/g, “லோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/lu/g, “லு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/lU/g, “லூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/l/g, “ல்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/Lau/g, “ளௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Lai/g, “ளை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Lee/g, “ளே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Loo/g, “ளோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Laa/g, “ளா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Luu/g, “ளூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Lii/g, “ளீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/La/g, “ள”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Li/g, “ளி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/LI/g, “ளீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/LA/g, “ளா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Le/g, “ளெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/LE/g, “ளே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Lo/g, “ளொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/LO/g, “ளோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/Lu/g, “ளு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/LU/g, “ளூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/L/g, “ள்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/vau/g, “வௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vai/g, “வை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vee/g, “வே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/voo/g, “வோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vaa/g, “வா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vuu/g, “வூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vii/g, “வீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/va/g, “வ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vi/g, “வி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vI/g, “வீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vA/g, “வா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ve/g, “வெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vE/g, “வே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vo/g, “வொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vO/g, “வோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vu/g, “வு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/vU/g, “வூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/v/g, “வ்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/gau/g, “கௌ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/gai/g, “கை”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/gee/g, “கே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/goo/g, “கோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/gaa/g, “கா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/guu/g, “கூ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/gii/g, “கீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ga/g, “க”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/gi/g, “கி”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/gI/g, “கீ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/gA/g, “கா”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ge/g, “கெ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/gE/g, “கே”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/go/g, “கொ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/gO/g, “கோ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/gu/g, “கு”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/gU/g, “கூ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/g/g, “க்”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/au/g, “ஔ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ai/g, “ஐ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/aa/g, “ஆ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ee/g, “ஏ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/ii/g, “ஈ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/uu/g, “ஊ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/oo/g, “ஓ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-1000/g, “௲”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-100/g, “௱”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-10/g, “௰”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-1/g, “௧”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-2/g, “௨”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-3/g, “௩”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-4/g, “௪”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-5/g, “௫”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-6/g, “௬”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-7/g, “௭”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/-8/g, “௮”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/-9/g, “௯”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/i/g, “இ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/I/g, “ஈ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/a/g, “அ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/A/g, “ஆ”);

convuni = convuni.replace(/e/g, “எ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/E/g, “ஏ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/i/g, “இ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/I/g, “ஈ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/u/g, “உ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/U/g, “ஊ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/o/g, “ஒ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/O/g, “ஓ”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/x/g, “௯”);
convuni = convuni.replace(/q/g, “ஃ”);

tamil.value = convuni;

function toForm() {
function copyit(theField) {
var tempval=eval(“document.”+theField)