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Mobile Photography Tips

1. How to Get More Stable Shots

You know the ups and downs of you mobile camera. I use Lenovo k4 note which has a good camera and night mode is good.

The key for me here is then NOT to use the “software” shutter button but instead use the physical volume buttons which act as your shutter, eliminating camera shake and giving you sharper images. I am ofter surprised by the number of people who are unaware of this feature. The added bonus is that if you use your headphones that came with the phone, you can also use the buttons on that as a cable release and not have to touch the camera at all.

One more thing, hold down the shutter button and you get 10 fps burst mode so you don’t miss the action.

2. Keep Your Lens Clean

A simple but important point: As we tend to keep our phone in our jeans pockets or handbags, give your lens a quick wipe before you shoot. It is a lint and dust magnet in there!

3. Download a Better Camera App

It’s true that the built in camera app has been improved over time, and is great for your average user, but us photographers who require a little more control over the settings should turn to the App Store.

There are numerous 3rd party apps that you can download to give you all the control you would want.  


4. Post-Process Your Images

The reality is, like it or not, that you’ll need to process your images to get the best possible final photo.

5. Never Ever Use the Digital Zoom

If you want the best possible image from your phone, forget about using Digital Zoom. The solution is simple: just zoom with your feet. The knock on effect of doing this is that it really improves your compositional skills.

In case of Optical zoom phones like Zenfone zoom you can go for Zoom.