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Pull Back/Cancel/Resubmit Leave Request in Adrenalin

We use a tool called adrenalin. I have wrongly applied for the leave. But I don’t know how to check the leaves applied and to Cancel or Resubmit or Pullback it.

After checking with our HR I came to know and I have shared the same.

  • To Find the submitted Request

Enter “Forms raised by me” in  Adrenalin search path to know the status of your forms raised so far.

  • To Pull Back the Request

Enter “Pullback Transaction” in  Adrenalin search path to revoke or cancel or pullback the transaction and this case it is leave.

Once done successfully. You can apply for the leave again.

Thank you.



Unable to reserve the .lok file for Integrated WebLogic Server (IntegratedWebLogicServer) in Jdeveloper

If you face the error Unable to reserve the .lok file for Integrated WebLogic Serve then the first is you have to kill the process in Task Manager. Open Task Manager & check for java.exe process for higher memory consumption. End the process.

IF above does not help then go to C:\Users\RRA\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\system11.\DefaultDomain . Delete the edit.lok file.

This error happens due to JDeveloper closes unexpected without shutting down IntegratedWebLogicServer



Why are you not using an application in your language?

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Going GNU

Last week, listened a conversation between two of my friends, Khaleel and Navin.

Khaleel is contributing to Mozilla community by doing localization. i.e translating the strings on the user interface of Mozilla products like firefox in Tamil. Navin is a tech guy, who likes to read Tamil anywhere.

localization க்கான பட முடிவு

image source –

“Hi Navin, Do you know that the firefox in your mobile and computer can be converted to Tamil?” Khaleel Asked.

“Yes dude. I have heard about it. Tried few times. But, the tamil interface gave me some issues. So reverted back to English UI”. Navin replied.

khaleel Khaleel

“Oh. Is it? It is just a habital issue. You are so used to English. I never faced any issues on using Tamil interface. What are the issues you faced?” Khaleel asked.

“New words to learn. All the new words make me to feel very unfriendly.” This is Navin.

“Yes. We…

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Beautify your terminal with screenFetch which is a Info tool

I have recently installed opensuse 42.2 gnome and making some changes. The changes were more about visual so I changed default theme as red arc theme and vivacious Icon theme then I changed color schemes in terminal and while searching I came accross this screenfetch.

Below is the screenshot



Error while mounting NTFS file system as read write

Below is the error which comes when trying to mount NTFS file system with read and write access

The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).
Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount.
Falling back to read-only mount because the NTFS partition is in an
unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown Windows fully (no hibernation
or fast restarting.)

After searching I got what to do

Run the below command

$ sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda8

Now mount the file system read and write access by below command

$ sudo mount -o rw /dev/sda8 /media/user


Journal IN PROCESS Issue

We had a Issue that the journal approval went to the approver and then we got the Error stating that No Approver found. After that we have cancelled the workflow and checked the Journal. Journal Approval was in Process and we were not able to modify the Journal. After that raising the SR we go the solution

Please use the follow script to be able to approve again the journal. Please note you should have the setup corrected at the time
you try to approve again the journal.

1. Backup the gl_je_batches
create table gl_je_batch_bak as select * from gl_je_batches

2. update gl_je_batches
set approval_status_code = ‘R’
where je_batch_id = 958912
and approval_status_code = ‘I’
and status = ‘U’;

Normally, in such cases you need to correct the setup to avoid the error ‘No approver found‘ and then try to restart the workflow of the journal batch by following the solution in Document 415875.1.
Then you can reassign or resubmit it for approval.
Also please review GLXJEENT Journal Approval Workflow is Stuck with Batch Approval Status “In Process” Can not Delete, Modify or Approve it ( Doc ID 161382.1 )

Listing Employees Based on Elements

Listing Employees Based on Elements

Sometimes we need to get a report based on Elements and everytime we cant write a Query as it consumes time by the way. So there is a Inbuilt form which is found in the above screenshot that is List Employees by element. So by this we can easily get the list of employees by the element.

Invoking Report Based on Trigger in Oracle Apps

We have a Requirement that to run the Payment Voucher Report when user makes the payment.


So we have a Trigger for the purpose and Trigger is on IBY_PAYMENTS_ALL table. So when a payment is Made this trigger will be initiated.

In the trigger the Concurrent Request will be called and depending on the Operating Unit the Report Layout will change and the request will be submitted. I have attached the script in this Blog. Below is the script.


Now you can just Include a Menu in the forms like View Payment Voucher Report Button and then the report comes. This is one way of automating the report invocation.


Org ID and Set of Books ID in Oracle Finance

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In Oracle Finance Org ID and Set of Books ID stored in two different place. You may select the below table record to find the Org ID and SOB ID.

Org ID – select * from hr_all_organization_units

Set of Books ID – select * from gl_sets_of_books

In certain situation Oracle Finance developer find difficulty to join this tables. Instead of writing a new join query you may select this ID’s from the hr_operating_units. This tables stored the Org ID and SOB ID in the same table.

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How to display HTML in content (OAF)

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Problem 1 : Some data in database has multiple spaces between words. But when that is rendered on page using message styled text, the multiple spaces between the words are trimmed to single space by default. But you want the number of spaces to be retained as it is.

Problem 2 : You have a varchar data which has some delimiter in between. When displaying it in page, you want the data to appear in multiple lines based on delimiter. ex: abc-deft-lmnop  should come in 3 lines : abc in one line,deft in one line and lmnop in one line.

Solution : Use OARawTextBean (item style : rawText). rawText bean renders the data as html code. hence your data can containg html tags in between to server your purpose.

Solution 1 : when fetching the data from database, fetch it as : select replace(column_name,’ ‘,’ ’) from dual
If you have multiple…

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