Oracle EBS – Changing Main Form’s Heading – Site Name Profile Option

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Many a time you want to change the Main window’s heading to show purpose of instance or any special info etc….

Set the profile option: to your needs and log in/out of Applications to pick up the changes.‘Site Name’



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Providing Workflow Administrator Access to Users in Oracle Apps

To provide Workflow Administrator Access we should have SYSADMIN access.

Step 1: Login as SYSADMIN in oracle Applications

Go to Workflow Administrator Web Applications –> Administration –> Administrator Workflow

Now select the user whom the access has to be given

Once user is selected then click on Apply button. Once done you will get the above screen

Test it by going logging in as the user and go to the below path

Workflow Administrator Web Applications –> Administration –> Status monitor

Here you will see your user name is not restricted.

Thank you.


Unable to reserve the .lok file for Integrated WebLogic Server (IntegratedWebLogicServer) in Jdeveloper

If you face the error Unable to reserve the .lok file for Integrated WebLogic Serve then the first is you have to kill the process in Task Manager. Open Task Manager & check for java.exe process for higher memory consumption. End the process.

IF above does not help then go to C:\Users\RRA\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\system11.\DefaultDomain . Delete the edit.lok file.

This error happens due to JDeveloper closes unexpected without shutting down IntegratedWebLogicServer



Environment Sourcing of Oracle apps in Windows

As most of the DBA’s prefer Linux Environment for Oracle apps. However some due to other support may go to windows. So as a developer perspective they have to navigate to different application which are called as tops for example $AU_TOP. However in windows to access this we have to do a step called Environment Sourcing in windows command to access the top.

So in order to do it. First we have to find out the environment variable file which will be installed during Installation and configuration time.

cd E:\test\testappl

Now once invoked the “envshell.cmd” code then we will be able to access the Application top.

Now try to go to AU_TOP by giving the below command

E:\test\testappl>cd %AU_TOP%

E:\test\testappl>cd %FND_TOP%

Thank you


FRM-92120 Registry.dat is missing

We have changed the IP address of the servers and then we checked in the server the forms was working. But when we checked in the system it was not working. We got a error as shown in the below screenshot.

After I checked the below steps helped me

Step : 1 Clearing Java cache:
Go to Control Panel |Java | General Tab | Temporary Internet Files > Settings…. > Delete Files… A popup with two item should be checked (Applications and Applets and Trace and Logfiles).  Leave the items selected and click OK.

Step : 2 Clearing IE cache:
Go to Tools | Internet Options > in the General tab under Browsing history, select Delete… and delete Temporary Internet files, Cookies and History.


App-Pay-33238: Error PTO_CARRY_OVER_FF Opening Absence Form – system cannot calculate accruals for this date because the employee’s payroll did not exist

As we this error in with our  and when I checked in oracle support I got this document number Doc ID 418621.1


When attempting to access the absence screen the following error occurs as per the below screenshot

APP-PAY-33238 An error has occurred in a user defined
function at line 65 of the formula PTO_PAYROLL_CARRYOVER.
The error text associated with the function call is: The
system cannot calculate accruals for this date because the
employee’s payroll did not exist for the full accrual term…

Please correct the problem with the function call, or
contact your system administrator or support representative.
Steps to Reproduce:
The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:

Responsibility: XX HRMS Manager
1. People > Enter and maintain > Other Button
2. Choose the absence option


The payroll period needs to be extended. This is explained in the error message shown.


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1. Go into a HRMS responsibility.

2. Navigate to Payroll > Description.

3. Extend the value in the number of years field as shown in the below screenshot.

4. Retest the issue.

5. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.


Installing Tamil fonts in Rosa Linux, Mandriva

As I was using Debian based flavours and redhat based Flavours I did not find any difficult in Installing fonts. As I have switched my home PC to Rosa linux R8.1 I was finding it difficult to Install tamil fonts. I have searched in Internet then I got to know about installing language. Below is to check whether the language exists

urpmq -a fonts-ttf-tamil

After checking this Exists then install using the below command

urpmi fonts-ttf-tamil

Once done you will see the language enabled in the browser.

Thank You


Salary Management rollback the proposed Salary

To rollback the proposed salary which has been uploaded by webadi in Salary Management we have to use API to delete the uploaded Records.

So first query the records that has been uploaded in the backend by the below Query

select * from per_pay_proposals where change_date = :p_date;

Once you are sure to remove the records use the below

CURSOR fetch_det
FROM   per_pay_proposals
WHERE   TRUNC (change_date) = trunc(sysdate-73);

l_salary_warning   BOOLEAN;
l_err_msg          VARCHAR2 (500);
FOR i IN fetch_det
hr_maintain_proposal_api.delete_salary_proposal (
p_pay_proposal_id         => i.pay_proposal_id,
p_business_group_id       => i.business_group_id,
p_object_version_number   => i.object_version_number,
p_validate                => FALSE,
p_salary_warning          => l_salary_warning
DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (
‘Proposal has been Deleted: ‘ || i.pay_proposal_id

l_err_msg := SQLERRM;
DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (‘Inner Exception: ‘ || l_err_msg);
l_err_msg := SQLERRM
DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (‘Main Exception: ‘ || l_err_msg);

Why are you not using an application in your language?

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Going GNU

Last week, listened a conversation between two of my friends, Khaleel and Navin.

Khaleel is contributing to Mozilla community by doing localization. i.e translating the strings on the user interface of Mozilla products like firefox in Tamil. Navin is a tech guy, who likes to read Tamil anywhere.

localization க்கான பட முடிவு

image source –

“Hi Navin, Do you know that the firefox in your mobile and computer can be converted to Tamil?” Khaleel Asked.

“Yes dude. I have heard about it. Tried few times. But, the tamil interface gave me some issues. So reverted back to English UI”. Navin replied.

khaleel Khaleel

“Oh. Is it? It is just a habital issue. You are so used to English. I never faced any issues on using Tamil interface. What are the issues you faced?” Khaleel asked.

“New words to learn. All the new words make me to feel very unfriendly.” This is Navin.

“Yes. We…

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Adding Sequence in Receipt Number in Oracle Applications by Form Personalization

As we have a good advantage in using oracle apps forms that is easy to customize. I had a requirement to create a sequence number in Receipt number on receivables. So I have followed the below steps while customizing I came through a error by which the seeded functionality was overriding. However i have resolved it, check the below steps for more Information.

Step 1 : Create a function or a package with Sequence Number

As I have created a function and my below sql statement will give the sequence number.

select xxhw_Invoice_status.gen_receipt_sequence_number from dual

Step 2 : Note the Block and the Field that we are going to customize.

Step 3 : Go the Personalize form and add the rules as shown in the screenshot.

Step 4 : After adding the rules and condition add the action as shown in the below screenshot

From the above screenshot the sequence will be added to the value of the