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DFF dynamically vary using a Reference Field

Overview of Requirement

I had a requirement to enable a field in DFF to capture a field called POS Machine. The Field should automatically read from the table value and should be enabled dynamically without user response.

Step 1 : Find the DFF

To check what is the DFF find it by table information. Our data will sit in AR_CASH_RECEIPTS_ALL.

So take the same and query in DFF screen


Application Developer => Flexfield => Descriptive => Register

Query the same with AR_CASH_RECEIPTS_ALL and get the Title that is Receipt Information. This is the exact DFF that we are looking for.

select * from AR_RECEIPT_METHODS

In this the we are taking a RECEIPT_METHOD_ID which is linked to AR_CASH_RECEIPTS_ALL table.

Step : 2 Enter the Reference Field in DFF Register.


Application Developer => Flexfield => Descriptive => Register

Query the Receipt Information in DFF and click on Reference Fields to enter the RECEIPT_METHOD_ID

Step : 3 Enter Reference Field Values

Now go to the DFF screen and enter RGW_FOLDER.RECEIPT_METHOD_ID as with this we will be choosing the value and enter the valid value in the Context Field Values.

So whenever the DFF looks for the value mentioned it will automatically set the DFF in the page.

Step : 4 Testing

Go to Receivables Manager => Receipts => Receipts

Now our requirement is fulfilled as seen in the above screenshot.

Note: We have changed the reference value from RECEIPT_METHOD_ID to RGW_FOLDER.RECEIPT_METHOD_ID as because we were facing the error while reversing the receipt.