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Oracle BI Publisher for Word Desktop Uninstallation Steps

Uninstall Template Builder
1. Uninstall the Template Builder from the Control Panel->Add or remove programs.
2. Go to C:\Program Files\Oracle and make sure the BI Publisher directory is gone. Delete it if it is still there.
3. Check Add-Ins in Word and make sure the 3 BI Publisher Desktop .dot files do not appear. Delete them if they do. These files are from Template Builder 10g.
The files will usually be here. C:\Documents and Settings\<user name><Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP
4. Open Windows Explorer and go to “C:\WINDOWS\assembly”.
5. Check if there are assemblies which start with “TB” If present, remove them all.
6. Open MS Word and check that that the BIP tool bar cannot be seen.
If one sees the menu, please move to another directory and try again.