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Form Personalization to check Supplier Tax Registration number is Present and OU Restriction in Oracle Apps

I have got a requirement to show message to user that when Supplier TRN is not present then to display a message and also this personalization should be restrictricted to Operating Unit Level.

1. For OU(Operating Unit)  Restriction.

I have created a Profile Option in OU Level so whenever Users want they can Enable it

FROM ap_supplier_sites_all
WHERE vendor_site_id = :inv_sum_folder.vendor_site_id
AND vendor_id = :inv_sum_folder.vendor_id
AND vat_registration_num IS NOT NULL)


Here the profile option is XXCHECK_VAT_VALIDATION. I have created a custom profile option with YESor NO LOV with all access level. Then in System Administrator I have enabled the profile according to Responsibility wise.

So we have control of the ORG Restriction using profile option.

Thank you.


Adding Sequence in Receipt Number in Oracle Applications by Form Personalization

As we have a good advantage in using oracle apps forms that is easy to customize. I had a requirement to create a sequence number in Receipt number on receivables. So I have followed the below steps while customizing I came through a error by which the seeded functionality was overriding. However i have resolved it, check the below steps for more Information.

Step 1 : Create a function or a package with Sequence Number

As I have created a function and my below sql statement will give the sequence number.

select xxhw_Invoice_status.gen_receipt_sequence_number from dual

Step 2 : Note the Block and the Field that we are going to customize.

Step 3 : Go the Personalize form and add the rules as shown in the screenshot.

Step 4 : After adding the rules and condition add the action as shown in the below screenshot

From the above screenshot the sequence will be added to the value of the