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Transaction visible in GL Interface table but not Imported in Journal

I faced a problem that the transaction was in GL Interface table which is visible but not imported.

select * from gl_interface where trunc(ACCOUNTING_DATE) = :gl_date;

However I tried to import and then I tried to see whether there is any error while Importing

General Ledger Super User –> Journal –> Import –> Correct.

But still I was not able to find the transaction.

Then I just check the log of the Concurrent which tells to check Group ID. So I took group Id from below Query and then I submitted.

select group_id from gl_interface where trunc(ACCOUNTING_DATE) = :gl_date;

Hurrah Now the Journal got Imported.




Process for Reversal of Payroll when Journal is Posted

We had a Issue that HR was testing Payroll for a user but unfortunately Finance had done costing and they have posted to GL.

I had many things running in my mind that whether we will be able to roll back all the process or what can be done to resolve this as Finance has posted and it should be also reversed. After that with help of my collegue we have done this.

Reversal in HRMS allows to reverse the Entries in Costing which nullifies the amount.

Example :

Basic Salary Pay Value 01.00.00000.000.32110.000.0000.0000 Credit

In the above table the first one which will be as credit to Employee. So once we done reversal and costing we will get the record as below so Now the credit amount and debit amount gets nullified

Basic Salary Pay Value 01.00.00000.000.32110.000.0000.0000 Debit

Only reversal can be used after post payroll process and retry will not work after post payroll process. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Reversal of the Payroll

Select the employee whom we have to rollback/reverse

Nav : Fastpath –> Reverse Payroll Run –> Select the Employee –
Check the Employee and the reversal as shown below

Step 2: Make sure the Reversal has applied.

Global HRMS Manager –> View –> Assignment Process Results


Step 3 : Check the Costing Detail Report whether there is a reflection

select * from pay_costing_details_v where effective_date between :p_frm_date and :p_to_date and EMPLOYEE_NUMBER = ‘005225’

Step 4 : Costing process.

As costing entries were not yet created not we have costing process.

So run the costing process

Step 5: Check the Costing Detail Report

Once Costing Process is done now check the reverse of the entry has been created.

Cross check the same using costing detail report or by the below query

select * from pay_costing_details_v where effective_date between :p_frm_date and :p_to_date and EMPLOYEE_NUMBER = ‘005225’

Step 6: Transfer to GL process

Once this is done run transfer to GL process

Step 7: Import the Journal

Go to General Ledger and Import the Journal

General Ledger –> Import  –> Run

Step 8: Validate the journal entries and post it.


Journal IN PROCESS Issue

We had a Issue that the journal approval went to the approver and then we got the Error stating that No Approver found. After that we have cancelled the workflow and checked the Journal. Journal Approval was in Process and we were not able to modify the Journal. After that raising the SR we go the solution

Please use the follow script to be able to approve again the journal. Please note you should have the setup corrected at the time
you try to approve again the journal.

1. Backup the gl_je_batches
create table gl_je_batch_bak as select * from gl_je_batches

2. update gl_je_batches
set approval_status_code = ‘R’
where je_batch_id = 958912
and approval_status_code = ‘I’
and status = ‘U’;

Normally, in such cases you need to correct the setup to avoid the error ‘No approver found‘ and then try to restart the workflow of the journal batch by following the solution in Document 415875.1.
Then you can reassign or resubmit it for approval.
Also please review GLXJEENT Journal Approval Workflow is Stuck with Batch Approval Status “In Process” Can not Delete, Modify or Approve it ( Doc ID 161382.1 )