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Form Personalization to check Supplier Tax Registration number is Present and OU Restriction in Oracle Apps

I have got a requirement to show message to user that when Supplier TRN is not present then to display a message and also this personalization should be restrictricted to Operating Unit Level.

1. For OU(Operating Unit)  Restriction.

I have created a Profile Option in OU Level so whenever Users want they can Enable it

FROM ap_supplier_sites_all
WHERE vendor_site_id = :inv_sum_folder.vendor_site_id
AND vendor_id = :inv_sum_folder.vendor_id
AND vat_registration_num IS NOT NULL)


Here the profile option is XXCHECK_VAT_VALIDATION. I have created a custom profile option with YESor NO LOV with all access level. Then in System Administrator I have enabled the profile according to Responsibility wise.

So we have control of the ORG Restriction using profile option.

Thank you.