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Environment Sourcing of Oracle apps in Windows

As most of the DBA’s prefer Linux Environment for Oracle apps. However some due to other support may go to windows. So as a developer perspective they have to navigate to different application which are called as tops for example $AU_TOP. However in windows to access this we have to do a step called Environment Sourcing in windows command to access the top.

So in order to do it. First we have to find out the environment variable file which will be installed during Installation and configuration time.

cd E:\test\testappl

Now once invoked the “envshell.cmd” code then we will be able to access the Application top.

Now try to go to AU_TOP by giving the below command

E:\test\testappl>cd %AU_TOP%

E:\test\testappl>cd %FND_TOP%

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SQL plus executing a sql file in Corresponding Path


I had a problem to run the script file in the server.

After then I have done some search and then I got how to run.

So first define the path of the file located in a variable. Im taking as dir

now execute the command as shown in screenshot

define dir=”E:\prod\prodappl\per\11.5.0\sql”