Concurrent Request Completed with Warning

We are facing Issue while running report in TEST Instance.


Below is the Screenshot.

Completed Warning

While Checking the log

Log file Info


And by the Checking the OPP log file for the concurrent Program Im getting this as below

The Log file’s Location can be found by this Query

SELECT fcpp.concurrent_request_id req_id, fcp.node_name, fcp.logfile_name
FROM fnd_conc_pp_actions fcpp, fnd_concurrent_processes fcp
WHERE fcpp.processor_id = fcp.concurrent_process_id
AND fcpp.action_type = 6
AND fcpp.concurrent_request_id = <request_id>;

OPP file info

After doing some search I got this to Restart the OPP

– Log on to System Administrator Responsibility
– Navigate to Concurrent > Manager > Administer
– Scroll down and look for “Output Post Processor”
– Click on Activate

OPP Restarting

As the  Error is telling the about the path so to check the OPP path


XML Publisher Responsibility –> Admisitration

Check the Below screenshot for the path defined

OPP path in Oracle apps

Once this is done now the report works correctly.

Thank you.


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